Why a Jamaican ganja vacation

So you and your boo, both avid cannabis enthusiasts, are thinking about a vacation together. You toke regularly at home and the specialness of your couple’s getaway would be greatly enhanced at a resort where weed is available, and you are allowed to smoke without any hassles or unreasonable restrictions. You see yourself at a tropical location lighting up by the pool or gazing at the sunset from the rooftop bar. Of course, the destination must also meet your other requirements for a memorable vacation experience – great accommodations, wonderful weather, beautiful beaches and fantastic food. Doesn’t this sound like a Jamaican ganja vacation?

Welcome to Jamaica, Mon!

Many cannabis enthusiasts already know about Jamaica’s reputation for good weed and its relaxed attitude towards enforcement of its marijuana laws. And, for decades this was a draw for serious weed lovers looking to light up from their ocean view rooms. But, with the recent decriminalization of ganja, there is now a burgeoning cannabis tourism industry that is delivering a wider, safer, and affordable range of legal cannabis vacation experiences. In other words, Jamaica is becoming an even bigger attraction for potheads just as weed is becoming more sociably acceptable across North America and Europe. There is now no reason why a Jamaican ganja vacation should not be at the top of the list for any cannabis enthusiast planning a holiday.

Top ten reasons for a Jamaican ganja vacation

Jamaica has a lot going for it in terms of cannabis tourism. Of course, you start out with the basics – beautiful beaches, gorgeous weather, and friendly locals plus good airline service from most places in North America and Europe. But, for those of you who still need to be convinced about Jamaica as a great ganja vacation destination, here are our top ten reasons:

  1. Ganja is easily available and can be purchased and consumed legally
  2. Technically only medicinal ganja is legal. But, no problem mon. Any person over the age of 18 can score a prescription from a local herb house (dispensary) in about 10 minutes.
  3. With your prescription, it is legal to have up to 2 ounces (57g) on your person
  4. You don’t have to wait to get settled at your resort to think about buying ganja, your driver will be happy to stop at a herb house on the way from the airport. (Some of our exclusive 420 vacation deals include a welcome weed package.) 
  5. The island is known for several unique strains that are not available elsewhere
  6. There is an increasingly significant number of (mostly small) resorts that are embracing cannabis tourism with offerings, activities and an ambiance geared specifically to ganja tourists
  7. Most of the cannabis friendly resorts offer (or can arrange) ganja related offsite experiences (plantation tours, herb house visits, Rastafari events, etc.) for visitors to learn about ganja’s place in Jamaican culture and, (perhaps) sample the local strains
  8. There are even a few resorts with a dispensary and/or growing license
  9. You’ll love the Jamaican herb house experience which is nothing like the sterile dispensaries you are familiar with back home. They are equal parts medical clinic, Amsterdam-style coffee shop, hipster boutique and spa with comfortable smoking rooms.
  10. Jamaica is an exotic destination with much to explore outside of your resort, if you are a ganja tourist with an interest in exploring the local culture.

For ganja wellness vacations too

For people who are using cannabis for its medical properties, Jamaica’s sun, sand, sea, great weather and friendly people are additional benefits and reasons why they may choose it over other destinations. The government and a long list of (local and foreign) entrepreneurs have big plans to use this competitive advantage to make Jamaica into a global ganja health and wellness tourism hot spot. Stay tuned. Canna tourists interested in should follow the increasing number of retreats and other offerings in the Wellness section of our website. 

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