Thinking about a ganja vacation?

So you and your boo, both avid cannabis consumers, are thinking about a vacation. You toke often at home and the specialness of your getaway would be greatly enhanced at a resort where weed is available, and you are free to smoke without any hassles or unreasonable restrictions. You see yourself at a tropical location lighting up by the pool or gazing at the sunset from the rooftop bar. Of course, the destination must also meet your other requirements for a memorable vacation experience – great accommodations, wonderful weather, beautiful beaches, and fantastic food. Sounds to us like a ganja vacation! But, what is a ganja vacation?


What is a ganja vacation?

For us, a real ganja vacation should, al minimum, assure the following:
  • Accommodations thatwholeheartedly embrace annabis consumers and allow toking on the property, even if not in the rooms.
  • A destination where legal weed is easily available
  • Access to ancillary activities such as tours, wellness services, and infused meals.
All the resort listings on GanjaVacations are weed friendly and all our vacation packages provide access to ganja, weed tours and other experiences. In fact, your ganja vacation will likely start with a visit to an herb house minutes off the plane before your ride to your resort. Doesn’t this sound like the very definition of a ganja vacation?


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