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Real Lifestyle Retreat & Tours offers tours and hotel transfers islandwide and is owned and operated by Martel Thompson, a licensed tour operator. He was previously managing operator of the world-renown HotBox Jamaica.

Providing alternative experiences for visitors

Martel likes to work with travellers with a desire for something different from the traditional Jamaican resort experience. For over 10 years, he has offered tourists a taste of true Jamaican culture and heritage. From 420 accommodations to ganja farm tours, his clients leave on a “high”, satisfied and knowledgeable. His aim is to introduce his clients to the very best locally grown ganja, ganja experiences and Jamaican food.


About the ganja tours

Ganja tours are available island-wide, from Negril to Portland and so the tour chosen for you will likely depend on the location of your hotel. Tours vary in length based on the needs of the group but regardless of the length, you will get to sample a fine Jamaican strain while riding in air-conditioned comfort along the coast or up in the mountains.

  • The minimum tour length is three (3) hours but can extend for an entire day. On a day tour you get to do more, see more and smoke more.
  • Among other things, you get to interact with the farmers, ask questions, sample ganja and take lots of photos and videos.
  • There are no special requirements except that you wear light clothes and comfortable shoes
  • A driver pick will you up from wherever you are – even if you arrived on a day cruise
  • It’s best to pre-book at least a day ahead but even if you call at the last minute, a driver can be at your location within 1-2 hours.
  • Ganja farm tours start at USD $80 per person (smoking included)
  • Transportation cost is based on your pickup point

Our Tours

Natural Herb Tour *

Your guide will pick you up with complimentary spliffs rolled and ready to smoke for your ride to an off-the-beaten-path ganja farm in the hills where you’ll be greeted by a grower eager to talk about his strains and have you sample his product. You’ll be free to linger; there’s never a rush to leave. The Montego Bay and Ocho Rios area farms visited will vary according to the time of year and the maturity of their plants.

This tour package includes:

  • Pick up at your hotel, Airbnb or cruise ship port
  • Farm entrance fee
  • An education on how ganja is grown, cared for and harvested
  • Opportunities to touch, sample and take photos
  • Smokes
  • Information on ganja in Jamaican culture, history, and heritage
  • Stops at attractions and sites of interest along the way

Price: USD$ 150 per person (Montego Bay)
From the Montego Bay area
Minimum two (2) people
(This price is subject to change based on the pickup point.)

Price: USD$ 150 per person (Ocho Rios)
From the Ocho Rios area
Minimum two (2) people
This price is subject to change based on the pickup point.

Nature Blue Hole Tour *

This is a tour to Cascade, a village on the White River in the hills about 15 minutes east of Ocho Rios. The area is beautiful and lush with lots of places to chill, picnic or even spend the entire day. There are multiple “blue holes”, deep areas for swimming, rope jumping and more. The guides will help you to climb the falls and even take a mud bath in the river cave. This tour is suitable for kids and non-swimmers.

From the Ocho Rios area
USD $65 per person
USD $150 per person – with weed farm tour and brunch

From Montego Bay
USD $120 per person
$210 per person – with weed farm tour and brunch

Minimum 2 people
Includes entrance fee and smokes

Dunn's River Falls - Mystic Mountain *

420 friendly excursions from your hotel, or cruise ship for either of these attractions.

USD$80 per person

From the Ocho Rios area
Smokes included

USD$115 per person
From Montego Bay
Smokes included

Both tours require a minimum of 2 people. The prices quoted are for each tour. Add an additional $25 per person to do both.


ATV rides at Dirt Adventure Park, in Boscobel about 30 minutes from Ocho Rios and about 90 minutes from Montego Bay. Rides last 30-45 minutes.

USD $100 per person
From Ocho Rios area

USD $170 per person
From Montego Bay

Minimum 2 people
Includes transportation and rides
Smokes AFTER the ride

Horseback Riding *

Ride a trail through the forest and into the sea alongside guides that provide historical and cultural information about the areas you traverse.

USD$80 per person
From the Ocho Rios area

USD$130 per person
From Montego Bay area

Minimum 2 people
Includes transportation and cost for the rides
Smokes AFTER your ride

Bob Marley Mausoleum *

Visit the birthplace, and final resting place of reggae icon and Jamaican most favorite son, Bob Marley in the small hillside village of Nine Miles.

USD $150 per person from Ocho Rios area
USD $230 per person from Montego Bay
Includes entrance fee and smokes

USD $200 per person from Ocho Rios area
USD $250 per person from Montego Bay
Bob Marley Mausoleum plus ganja farm tour
Includes all entrance fees, smokes, and brunch.

Minimum 2 people for both tours

* Payments are not refundable if tour bookings are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.



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  1. Martel was a gentleman. Very knowledgeable about the areas we traveled through and of course the culture. We got to have a truly authentic experience including local food, and people. We had no shortage of smoke and the beauty of the ganja farm was a a sight to behold. Terrific experience with a fantastic guide. I highly recommend the experience and if you’re lucky enough get Martel you can feel secure in knowing he will take care of you. Top notch experience that we will never forget and definitely do again.

    MANUEL & ANGELA, Massachussetts

  2. nullMy husband and I did the Natural Herb Tour. We LOVED this experience and it was the highlight of our trip. It was just us and the guides which was great. We really enjoyed learning about the natural farming process which is something you will never get to see in our country. The views from the farm were incredible and hands down, the best bud we have had in our lives—and we come from a recreationally legal state! Not to mention the delicious local meal at the end which I’m pretty sure we more inhaled than ate lol. We recommended this tour to all the new friends we met on our resort and we will definitely book other tours when we come back to the beautiful island of Jamaica.

    Haleigh M, IL

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