Love, weed and Jamaica. A winning combination!

Can you think of a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with the love of your life on a romantic couples ganja fueled getaway? In JAMAICA, the capital of weed. Your high Valentine’s Day vacation will probably start with a visit to a dispensary minutes off the plane to get acquainted with a sample of the island’s finest for the ride to your resort.

You are guaranteed the highest, most exciting, and most memorable vacation experience of your life. Can’t you see it? Wonderfully relaxing days by the pool with a Red Stripe near at hand and passionate, candle-lit nights at an intimate, exotic resort with access to all the ganja your little hearts desire. You can also do grow tours and other ganja related activities but how much or how little you choose to do off the property is entirely up to you. It’s a vacation that neither of you will ever forget. The sun, sea, great weather and romantic vibes are offered at no extra charge.

A Few Romantic Valentine’s Day Getaway Suggestions

Here are a few ganja vacation ideas for your “high” Valentine’s Day getaway. As you can see, we have included properties in several regions of the island at locations that include popular resort towns, small fishing villages and quaint B&Bs high up in the Jamaican mountains. Even a few all-inclusive properties. There is certain to be something here for you but if you don’t see anything you like, please visit our Deals section for more selections. You may also contact us at (888) 524-2652 or if you need help in picking a romantic ganja vacation package particular to your requirements.

Negril (West Coast)

Treasure Beach (Southwest Coast)

Montego Bay (North Coast)

Port Antonio (Northeast Coast)

  • Go Natural
    A wellness paradise with its own private beach

Mountain Retreats


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