Bjarie J

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This is one of the most unique places I’ve ever been to in Jamaica or almost anywhere in the world. It’s not obvious when you first show up, but you soon realize that Ganja (Herb as the locals call it) is all around the beautiful mountains surrounding the retreat. I truly enjoyed meeting the local Herb farmers and trying a variety of strains. Highlights were also walking through some of the growing fields (the smells are so nice) as well as getting to sit down and help trim. The people in the community of Kentucky are friendly and inviting. In addition, Mel and her team of women made me feel welcomed and cared for. Lots of attention has gone into making the cabins comfortable and charming. Lots of nature and birds and garden are amazing.

The Farm-to-Table dining experience was a pleasant surprise. Everything is super-local, super-healthy, and ethically sourced. Mel is a great chef who fuses traditional Jamaican dishes passed on from her grandmother with her own creations inspired from all over the world. The food is worth the stay in itself; she offers an affordable daily meal plan. I was so inspired Mel’s cooking that I signed up and took her Culinary Arts Class as well. There is great community gatherings most evenings around Mel’s Kitchen and full bar.

The retreat is located on a banana and coffee planation. The views from the top were not only a nice place to smoke, but literally some of the best sunsets I’ve seen in my life (and I’ve been to 45 countries).

This place will change you; it changed me!


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