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  • Reconnections Yoga Universal Lifestyles , Hope Bay

    6 days / 5 nights USD $2,100 Double Occupancy | Includes meals
    Reconnections ganja vacation package from Yoga Universal Lifestyles offers 6 days and 5 nights for yoga enthusiasts and others looking to reconnect with nature and their inner selves in one of the most naturally beautiful places imaginable. The program uses yoga, cannabis, ital cuisine and other aspects of Rastafari culture to teach guests how to care for mind, body and soul.
  • Junglists Berrydise Island , Berrydale

    7 days / 6 nights USD $5,500 Group of 8 | Includes meals
    This Junglists ganja vacation package is an adventure for 8 weed enthusiasts and nature lovers. You’ll spend a week on Berrydise Island in Jamaica’s Rio Grande River hiking through the jungle, eating tropical fruits and berries from the trees, showering beneath waterfalls, while also consuming some of the best weed that money can buy. Can you think of a better bonding experience.
  • Water Rhythms Berrydise Island , Berrydale

    4 Days / 3 Nights USD $1,080 Double Occupancy | Includes meals
    Water Rhythms ganja vacation is a 4 day/3-night adventure for a ganja and nature loving couple in a jungle like setting on a small island in Jamaica’s Rio Grande River. There will, of course, be hiking, river activities and lots of great Jamaican cuisine. And of course, lots and lots of locally grown ganja.
  • Idyllic Dreams Blue Harbour , Port Maria

    7 days / 6 nights USD $8,050 Entire property | Includes meals
    Idyllic Dreams is an idyllic ganja vacation package. You and 11 of your weed besties get the run of Noel Coward's fabulous estate in Jamaica for a whole week. The place where that he built and for many years entertained his many celebrity friends. This will be a fun filled, weed-fuelled 7 days of great dining in one of the most romantic spots on earth.
  • Bliss Blue Harbour , Port Maria

    6 days / 5 nights USD $1,850 Triple Occupancy | Includes meals
    This Bliss ganja vacation package promises 6 days and 5 nights for you and your two weed besties on the fabulous 7-acre estate where Noel Coward once entertained his celebrity friends. You can eat, frolic, and consume in blissful privacy while creating the kind of memories not even great Jamaican ganja will allow you to forget.
  • Abundance Country Side Hotel , Ramble

    5 days / 4 nights USD $1,150 Double Occupancy | Includes meals
    Abundance is a ganja vacation package from Countryside Hotel. You get 5 days and 4 nights of plenty at an intimate resort in the middle of abundant greenery. You have access to abundant ganja plus abundant authentic Jamaican cooking. The ganja experience starts at a dispensary right off the plane and continues with the pre-rolls you get on arrival.
  • Just Next Door Happy Retreat , Belmont

    5 days / 4 nights USD $1,940 Double Occupancy | Includes meals
    This Just Next Door ganja vacation package from Happy Retreat in Belmont is for the ganja loving couple looking to have everything laid out for them. Especially, the three most important things – accommodations, meals and weed. This 5 day/4 night all-inclusive vacation package will have you planning your next getaway back to Happy Retreat before you start packing for home.
  • Weed-Soaked Weekend Villa Anita , Orange Bay

    4 days / 3 nights USD $990 Double Occupancy | Includes meals
    This Weed-Soaked Weekend vacation package is for the ganja loving couple looking for a short but ‘high’ respite from the routines of daily life. 4 days in the Jamaican sun is always a good thing but with this package, you also get great food plus access to lots of great Jamaican ganja and ganja related activities that you’ve never before experienced.
  • Island Grades Villa Jewel on the Rocks , Brighton

    5 days / 4 nights USD $2,100 Quad occupancy | Includes meals
    Island Grades ganja vacation package delivers 5 days and 4 nights at an upscale, ganja forward property with access to lots of the kind of Jamaican high grade with which you expect to become acquainted on a Jamaican ganja vacation. With 2 meals per day for 4 people, this is a very affordable package for 2 couples or 4 ganja smoking buddies.
  • A Wilderness Retreat Nature in Portland , Port Antonio

    4 days / 3 nights USD $900 Double Occupancy | Includes meals
    This ganja vacation package promises a unique retreat for the nature loving canna tourist with a love for the outdoors and activities such as hiking. You will spend 4 days and 3 nights in rustic wilderness setting with access to all the weed you need plus good homey Jamaican meals.
  • One Draw Azteca Villas , Treasure Beach

    6 days / 5 nights USD $1,280 Per Person | Includes meals
    One Draw is for the solo ganja tourist. It includes all the necessary elements - accommodations, meals and more than an ample supply of weed. There is no better way for a weed loving guy or gal to spend the better part of a week doing what they probably prefer to do more than anything else in the world.
  • Ova Yahsuh Blue Hole Mineral Spring , Little Bay

    6 days / 5 nights USD $1,640 Double Occupancy | Includes meals
    Ova Yahsuh (Jamaican dialect for “over here”) is a ganja forward vacation package for a couple of enthusiasts with a desire to toke to their hearts desire while also taking in a little Jamaican culture. It comes with 2 hearty meals per day plus your own personal stash of the good stuff. There will also be lots of opportunity to hang with the hip, locals who frequent Blue Hole Mineral Spring.


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