All our lodgings are ganja-friendly

We feature ganja friendly hotels, resorts, guesthouses, hostels and B&Bs in all regions of Jamaica – in popular resort beach towns like Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril; small, quaint fishing villages; as well as in remote, off-the-beaten path locations, ideal for the intrepid cannabis loving adventurer. For example, one of our listings is a B&B in a Rastafarian camp, 3000 ft up in the Blue Mountains, just outside the Jamaican capital, Kingston. Almost all our are in or close to ganja growing regions and provide easy access to local farmers eager to chat about their strains and growing methods. And, of course, have you sample their product.


What makes a property ganja friendly?

We know you are wondering, what makes a property ganja friendly? This is a question that is frequently asked. Does it mean that it provides guests with weed? No, even though some do. Here are our main criteria:

  • The property enthusiastically embraces, advocates and promotes ganja
  • Guests can smoke ganja freely, even if not in the rooms. Some may have designated areas for smoking, an understandable accommodation to other guests who do not toke.
  • The staff is ready with information and advice on where to find ganja and ganja experiences.
  • The property does not have to provide ganja, but even those that do not often offer access to experiences such as edibles, infused meals,grow tours, massages, and even Rastafarian cultural practices.
  • A few have a license to dispense and/or grow ganja.
  • All offer a ganja vacation package of some sort – an experience that comes with a certain number of room nights plus additions such as airport transfers, meals and tours.

Ganja resorts and B&Bs for all budgets

We know that ganja tourists are sophisticated travelers with an expectation of elegant, comfortable accommodations and the freedom to relax and consume however they choose. So, although our objective is to feature ganja friendly lodgings at all price points, we do not compromise in areas such as customer service and security. In fact, some of the very small properties we feature deliver an astonishing combination of Jamaican cultural experiences; a picturesque setting; intimate, personal service; and exceptional culinary offerings.

Let’s help plan your ganja vacation

Visit our Deals page for a complete list of the ganja vacation packages currently being offered. There is sure to be a deal with a combination of price, length of stay and features that rings your bell. But don’t worry if you don’t see one, just Contact Us. We are here to help and can customize any package for you – whether you are a single vacationer, couple, or group.

Do you own a Jamaican ganja friendly vacation property?

Are you the owner or manager of a Jamaican ganja-friendly boutique hotel with a desire to be featured on the GanjaVacations website? Please contact us! We are eager to have you on board. We also invite you to review information that we have developed for properties like yours to understand our objectives, mission and strategy as well as the ways you will benefit from being featured on our platform.