Villa Anita

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  • Weed-Soaked Weekend Villa Anita , Orange Bay

    4 days / 3 nights USD $990 Double Occupancy | Includes meals
    This Weed-Soaked Weekend vacation package is for the ganja loving couple looking for a short but ‘high’ respite from the routines of daily life. 4 days in the Jamaican sun is always a good thing but with this package, you also get great food plus access to lots of great Jamaican ganja and ganja related activities that you’ve never before experienced.
  • Good Times Villa Anita , Orange Bay

    7 days / 6 nights USD $2,280 Quad occupancy
    Got a few weed smoking buddies that you like to hang out with? How about a week getting high together in the Jamaican sun in a colorful cottage close to the beach? This Good Times ganja vacation package is for you. You’ll have access to more great weed than you’ve ever seen before plus ganja activities and experiences to last a lifetime.


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