Takuma Boutique Hotel and Villa Suites

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  • A Girls’ Ganja Vacation Takuma Boutique Hotel and Villa Suites , Montego Bay

    4 days/ 3 nights USD $710 For 2, 3 or 4 singles
    This Girls Ganja Vacation package is ideal for a group of weed-loving girlfriends who'd like to spend a few days of quality girl time with each other at a location that is beautiful, comfortable and safe. For the unbeatable price of less than $200 per person, this package offers 3 nights in a luxurious guesthouse where the group can smoke to their hearts' content next to Bob Marley with access to a pool and the beach. And, if thereis a desire to consult with a budtender about the strins best suited for them (or, perhaps, just hang out for little while in a smoking lounge, there are several herb houses nearby.
  • Marley Zion Herbal Group Special Takuma Boutique Hotel and Villa Suites , Montego Bay

    4 days/ 3 nights USD $1,295 Entire suite
    This is an unbelievably affordable ganja group vacation - considering that it comes with a luxury suite that sleeps up to 12 people in a deluxe boutique hotel. Plus, a private chef to prepare all meals! When not relaxing with a spliff in the smoking hut next to the giant statue of Bob Marley, the group may choose to visit one of the nearby herb houses to replenish their stash, converse with a budtender or just puff and mingle while gazing at the soothing waves of the Caribbean from the balcony of a smoking lounge.
  • One Love Jamaica Takuma Boutique Hotel and Villa Suites , Montego Bay

    6 days/ 5 nights USD $595 Per Couple
    One Love Jamaica is a very affordable vacation package for a ganja loving couple with a desire to spend a week reconnecting with each other at a quiet, upscale boutique hotel while also enhancing the experience with some of Jamaica’s famous strains. Takuma Boutique Hotel is no more than a few minutes from the several herb houses in the Montego Bay area and retiring to one of these popular facilities to learn, lounge and mingle will be a good diversion for couples who tire of Takuma's pampering.


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