Hamilton Nature Villa

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  • Holiday Bliss Hamilton Nature Villa , Lime Hall

    5 days / 4 nights USD $3,130 4 People or 2 Couples
    Got another couple that you and your significant other like to toke with? How about spending the better part of a week together – all 4 of you - in a vacation villa all by yourselves, in the beautiful Jamaican countryside – with acres to roam and access to all the ganja you can handle? This Holiday Bliss ganja vacation package is the way to go. It’s 5 days and 4 nights of blissful memories.
  • Holiday Haven Hamilton Nature Villa , Lime Hall

    7 days / 6 nights USD $2,050 Double Occupancy
    Holiday Haven is a very ganja forward ganja vacation package that you’ll enjoy in a beautiful, serene, vacation villa in the lush, green environs of a Jamaican hillside village. You’ll love the peace and quiet, the natural beauty of the place and access to the strains that brought you to Jamaica in the first place.


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