Countryside Hotel

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  • Abundance Country Side Hotel , Ramble

    5 days / 4 nights USD $1,150 Double Occupancy | Includes meals
    Abundance is a ganja vacation package from Countryside Hotel. You get 5 days and 4 nights of plenty at an intimate resort in the middle of abundant greenery. You have access to abundant ganja plus abundant authentic Jamaican cooking. The ganja experience starts at a dispensary right off the plane and continues with the pre-rolls you get on arrival.
  • Simple Strains Country Side Hotel , Ramble

    4 days / 3 nights USD $700 Double Occupancy
    Simple Strains is vacation package from Country Side Hotel for the weed enthusiast who can only get away for a few days. Maybe a long weekend. You get 4 days and 3 nights at an intimate resort ata charming of-the-beaten path location. Plus, of course, access to just about all the weed you can handle.And this begins minutes of the plane.


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