Bella Donna

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  • Rejuvenate Bella Donna , Negril

    7 days / 6 nights USD $750 Double Occupancy
    Rejuvenate from Bella Donna Guest House is a very affordable ganja vacation package for a couple looking for a few days away to relax, chill, do as little as possible and smoke as much weed as they can their hands on. They’ll be right at home in Negril, Jamaica’s capital of casual where weed is always around and as easy to get as a Red Stripe.
  • Unforgettable Bella Donna , Negril

    30 days / 29 nights USD $950 Single occupancy
    Wanna a real getaway? For a solid month! With nothing to do but eat, sleep, drink Red Stripe, smoke weed and have fun. In Jamaica? This Unforgettable ganja vacation package from Bella Donna Guesthouse is for you. You’ll need to pack little more than a couple of shorts and a pair of flipflops.


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