Your ganja vacation questions answered

We assume that you have many questions about your ganja vacation in Jamaica. Where to stay? What to do? What is legal? Where do I buy weed? Will I get ganja at my hotel? Can I smoke anywhere I want? Plus, many more. We have tried to answer as many of them as possible here, and elsewhere on the site. Jamaica has all the ingredients for a glorious holiday, and we want to make sure that you have all the information you need to be prepared for your ganja vacation experience. Especially, if it is your first. Because, your opinion of your ganja vacation will almost certainly be entirely based on your expectations at the moment you landed on the island.

1. What is a ganja vacation?
We define a ganja vacation to be a holiday experience that includes the expectation of consuming marijuana. This usually, but not always, requires accommodations that are ganja friendly and a destination where weed is legal, in some form.
2. How much does a ganja vacation cost?

The cost of your ganja vacation will vary based on factors such as the quality of the resort you choose, length of your stay and the other elements (meals, activities, etc.) included in your package. Our partner resorts currently offer vacation packages at price points that range from low budget to luxury.

3. Is my payment refundable?

In general, all payments are refundable however, some resorts may impose a fee for late cancellations. Please check your resort’s overview page before booking. You may call us at(888) 524-2652 if you have questions related to any resort, vacation package or booking.

4. Can I expect to acquire and consume ganja?

Some of our resorts offer a welcome gift package that includes ganja. Others include a daily supply as part of their deal. Any ganja beyond what is specified in each deal package must be purchased locally, as needed. And, if not available on the property, the resort will be happy to point you to herb house (dispensary) local area farm or some other place to purchase. All our resorts are ganja-friendly and allow smoking on the property.

5. How do I purchase ganja in Jamaica?

Ganja is very easy to acquire in Jamaica. Assuming away the black market vendors that are likely to accost you, you can purchase ganja legally at a herb house (dispensary) or from a licensed grower.Some resorts can provide it directly because they have a dispensary and/or growing license. As you can see, some of our resorts are located in the middle of Jamaica’s prime ganja growing region. Remember that your resort is offering you a ganja vacation and knows that you came expecting to get weed; so, expect them to be very helpful in assisting you to get whatever you need.

6. How soon after I arrive will I be able to get my hands on some weed?

Your driver will be happy to make a stop at an herb house on the way to your resort from the airport. However, this may not be necessary since some of our resorts are offering deals with a welcome package that includes ganja.

7. Do your ganja vacation packages include airfare?

They do not now but may in the future.

8. What about ground transportation in Jamaica?

Some of our partner resorts are up to 2 hours from the airport but there is little need to worry about airport pickup and drop off since this cost is included in almost all our vacation packages. Nevertheless, please make sure to check for this detail before you book.

9. Is ganja legal in Jamaica?

Technically, only medicinal ganja is legal which you purchase at any local herb house with a prescription. But what if you don’t have a prescription? No problem! All the herb houses have medical staff onsite that will issue a prescription in a matter of minutes – with identification that you are over the age of 18. And, there is no need to feign cancer, fibromyalgia or any serious disease. It’s not necessary. They really do want to sell you the stuff! Please visit this page for more information on the subject.

10. What happens if I’m caught with unauthorized possession of ganja?

With a prescription, it’s legal to possess up to 2 ounces or about 57 grams. Don’t have a prescription? You’ll pay a fine of about USD$3.

11. Can I smoke at my resort?

All our resorts are ganja friendly and permit smoking on the property. Some may however restrict it to certain areas. Smoking of any sort in the rooms is forbidden but this rule does not seem to be well enforced, especially at the smaller properties.

12. Where in Jamaica are your resorts located?

Our aim is to feature resorts in all regions of the island. Currently, most of our resorts are in western Jamaica, near Negril – an area known not just for its famous Seven Mile Beach but also for being close to one of the island’s prime ganja growing districts.

13. Are your ganja resorts well-known?

Some are well-known; some are not. They all have great reputations. We are partnering exclusively with boutique, ganja-friendly resorts and are particularly focused on featuring properties which, though small, are quaint, beautiful and known for a very relaxed vibe, great service and outstanding Jamaican culinary experiences.

14. Can your resorts handle guests with special dietary needs?

Dietary restrictions are not a problem so long as you make them known sufficiently in advance. Preferably, at the time of booking.

16. Are there any additional fees or taxes?

Except for where specified, your package price includes the total cost of your ganja vacation.

17. Can you resorts handle group?

Wanna plan a ganja vacation with friends, family or a social club? Or, even a wedding party? Just let us know. We can arrange for a group of almost any size.


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