No place more associated weed than Jamaica

As a ganja vacation destination, Jamaica has a lot going for it, starting with its worldwide reputation for weed. There is probably no place on earth more associated with weed than Jamaica; for decades this has been a big draw for serious weed lovers from all over the world looking to light up from their poolside deck chairs or ocean view rooms.

Fabulous vacation destinations too

But as a tropical vacation destination, Jamaica has even more going for it – beautiful beaches, gorgeous weather, and friendly locals, to name a few. Plus, good airline service from most major cities in North America and Europe. So going on a ganja vacation does not in any way forfeit any of the experiences you desire on a regular vacation. But, for those who still need to be convinced of Jamaica’s superiority as a great ganja vacation destination, we’ve made a list of the reason why the island should top of mind of any cannabis enthusiast planning a weedcation.


Top ten reasons to ganja vacay in Jamaica

  1. Ganja is easily available and can be purchased and consumed legally.
  2. Herb houses (dispensaries) are popping up everywhere and you’ll have multiple options in allthe resort towns. (You’ll love the laidback, hip café atmosphere and smoking rooms of many herb houses.)
  3. Your medical card will be accepted at any herb house. But it’s ok if you don’t have one or left it at home. An on-staff medical professional will write you one if you are over the age of 18.
  4. It is legal for any adult possess up to 2 ounces (57g)
  5. You don’t have to wait to get settled at your resort to inquire about where to purchase. Your driver will be happy to stop at an herb house on the way from the airport – if you book through us.
  6. The island is known for several unique strains that are not available anywhere else.
  7. High quality, no risk, unlicensed weed is still easily available. (Stay away from the hawkers on the beach, it’s not hard to find a grower with really good stuff.)
  8. The resorts we feature offer (or can arrange) tons of ganja related offsite activities -grow tours, herb house visits, steam chalice experiences, Rastafari events, etc.
  9. There is an increasing number of resort properties with a dispensary and/or growing license.
  10. Jamaica is an exotic destination with much to explore outside of your resort, if you are a ganja tourist with an interest in exploring the local culture.