Intimate, Charming, Affordable
Super Ganja Friendly Resorts

4/20 weekend starts right off the plane

You’ll leave the airport directly for a herb house (dispensary to you and me) about 10 minutes away for your first taste of Jamaica's famous strains. The idea, of course, is to get you relaxed and in the right mood for your ride to your resort which may be an hour or so away. Where, there may be more good stuff waiting for you.

Reserve your spot NOW. Space is limited!

We are partnering with intimate, boutique properties that will fill up quickly. So, we urge you to reserve your spot asap if you are interested in joining us for this fabulous weekend of high fun in Jamaica. As you can see, you can book with a 50% deposit. Isn't that easy? Plus, you can cancel up to 3 days in advance of arrival for a full refund. But short of something really, really catastrophic, why would you ever want to do that?