For consumer facing cannabis companies

Are you a dispensary, brand, clinic, or event management company? In other words, a business that interacts directly with cannabis consumers or patients. Let’s talk about partnering to create an exciting giveaway campaign to create buzz, promote an event, and do any number of other things to generate high quality leads for your marketing.

Give away a FREE ganja vacation in Jamaica

Yes, we really mean that! We will work with you on a grand promotion to give away a FREE GANJA VACATION package in Jamaica in your own branded campaign. At no cost to you! What’s the catch? There is no catch. So, what’s in it for us? When people enter to win the free vacation package, they will be subscribing to both our email lists. Thus giving access to both our companies to people who are known to be cannabis consumers. People who are likely to have a strong interest in cannabis related products and services. But, it is also perfectly reasonable to offer your giveaway to existing customers as a vehicle to help create more complete customer profiles; you collect information that will allow you to offer products and services more directly aligned to individual needs and preferences. In other words, the required fields on the giveaway entry form are entirely at your discretion. We also usually sweeten the pot with a coupon code for a significant discount for everyone who enters the giveaway. There is no downside to entering; everybody wins!

So many ways to use the giveaway

Which of your customers and prospects would not be excited for a chance to win a FREE ganja vacation to Jamaica? None! That’s the number. So how can you use the attractiveness of this great grand prize? Here are a few suggestions; you can probably think of scores more.

  • Create excitement
  • Generate leads
  • Promote an event
  • Celebrate a new store opening
  • Incentivize an action
  • Round out customer profiles
  • Launch a new product or service
  • Commemorate a milestone

How does this work?

We offer up a free ganja vacation for you to give away in your own branded campaign which you promote across your various platforms. Cannabis enthusiasts of all stripes enter to win offering up their name, email address and other data you wish to collect. We take care of essential elements such as the official rules and the landing page – unless you prefer to do these things yourself. (Some partners do prefer to develop the landing page themselves to insure a more perfect alignment with their brand.) It is as easy as pie. So how do you start? Just complete the form on this page and we’ll get in touch to talk about the details.



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