Welcoming VibesA ganja friendly eco-village community

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A ganja friendly eco-village community

Welcoming Vibes is much more than just a guesthouse, it is the first step in a vision to create an eco-village community in Treasure Beach, one of the relaxed, laid back fishing villages along Jamaica’s South Coast. The cottage is a simple but unique and a fantastic value for the ganja tourist on a budget as well as a calm, peaceful and relaxing respite far away from the all-inclusive tourist hotspots like Negril and Montego Bay. The location is great, the view is breathtaking, the accommodations are comfortable and owner, Paul, a local tourist guide and retired lobster fisherman is amazingly friendly and attentive.

On a hill with incredible views

The property is set back from the main road up a steep hill with incredible views of the town, sea, and sunset but only about an easy 5-minute walk to the restaurants, bars and beach in the town of Frenchman’s Bay. The four spacious, en-suite, bug-netted rooms are basic but large, airy, cool and comfortable. They flank a spacious, open air center with a kitchen/dining area and a lounge which is often filled with the aromatic smoke of “di ‘erb”. You can chill on a chair or in a hammock to enjoy panoramic views of the town and the sea, savor the cool breezes, meet guests from all over the world, sip on a Red Stripe or perhaps, share a spliff with the person next to you. Budget travelers will recognize a somewhat hostel-like feel to the place but with more style and character than any hostel they’ve ever stayed in.

A tranquil place to rest, relax and rejuvenate

Welcoming Vibes offers itself as a safe tranquil, relaxing place for guests to explore their inner selves for answers and solutions to whatever is ailing them. The place offers an opportunity to blend in with nature and bush life and enjoy a balanced diet of natural organic vegetables, herbs, and spices. Paul fosters acommunity spirit and provides breakfast and dinner at low cost for those who want to participate in a group meal. His friendly presence is always close and available to make your vacation as relaxed and unforgettable as possible.

The scent of ganja is everywhere

Welcoming Vibes is very welcoming to ganja. The scent permeates the place because there is almost always someone smoking a spliff somewhere on the property. Someone is also almost always willing to share. And what if you need to replenish your stash? Just talk to Paul, he’ll hook you up. He is a font of information about everything related to ganja so whether you are looking for a farm tour or local ganja related events, Paul is your man.

Ganja experiences

An excursion to Negril and/or Little Bay for a dispensary or ganja farm tour may be interesting to some. There are a variety of ganja and Rastafari events that vary according to the time of year. Paul is very clued in to all the local goings on so just let him know what your interests are. Well known ganja and cultural events include:

  • Calabash Festival
  • Fat Tyre Festival in Negril
  • Maroon Celebration
  • Stepping High Festival
  • Nyabinghi Celebration

Local tours

Tours to Pelican Bar, Black River, YS Falls, Alligator Pond and other local attractions are easily arranged as are a variety of boat trips. There is also fishing, biking and snorkeling for those who want to get real active. But you don’t have to do any of these things; it’s perfectly ok to “chill” at the house, sample one of Jamaica’s fine strains and meet new people.


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    Hilltop location with fabulous beach views
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    Passionately ganja friendly hostel style, budget resort




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