Starlight ChaletOne of the most relaxing places on earth

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In the Blue Mountains 5,000 ft above sea level

Starlight Chalet & Spa is only about 25 miles from Kingston but it’s hard to believe that this place is even in Jamaica! Nestled in the Blue Mountains, 5,000 feet above sea level, you will love its spacious, warm and cozy suites and apartments, beautiful gardens, cool breezes and background of endless mountain ranges.

The most peaceful place in the universe

Situated on the top of a mountain pass surrounded by rain forest and mountains, this is one of the most restful, serene places in the universe; the only place to be if you are looking for total relaxation, extreme comfort, wonderful people and astonishing scenery. The peacefulness of the evenings and early mornings must be experienced to be believed. The many fireflies at night are a delight. You’ll go to sleep to the otherworldly sounds of frogs and insects and rise in the morning to an amazing chorus of rain forest birds.

Getting there is part of the fun

The drive up to Starlight Chalet is breathtaking as the road winds up into Jamaica’s famous coffee growing region past beautiful waterfalls and through hibiscus, gingers, ferns, impatiens and other wild tropical plants. You will have your camera out for these as well as the several waterfalls along the way.

A cool getaway for a nature loving couple

The newly renovated property has rooms with private balconies and garden views all with spacious bathrooms and marble counter tops. Its British Colonial décor sets a sophisticated background for the nature-loving couple looking to get away for a few days in a secluded hideaway where they can stroll the beautiful gardens, enjoy the exotic native birds, take in the cloud covered mountains and luxuriate in the cool, fresh breezes.  You will also love Starlight Chalet’s Bleu Berg, on-site restaurant which offers native Jamaican cuisine and many international dishes. Are you a fan of Jamaican favorites like ackee and saltfish, rundown, jerk chicken, jerk pork and curried goat? This is the place for it.

Services for ganja tourists

The Chalet’s relaxed, laid-back atmosphere, nature setting, and remote, off-the-beaten path location is very welcoming to ganja tourists. You can smoke without judgement, worries or hassles while you roam the grounds, hike the mountains or just chill on a bench in the gardens. There are ganja growers in the area for those interested in a farm tour or prefer to purchase at the source. The staff will hook you up. Transportation can also be arranged to herb houses in Kingston to be schooled about local strains by one of their excellent bud tenders..

Ganja house rules

There is a no-smoking rule in the rooms but there are no restrictions to smoking anywhere else on property. Provided, of course that due respect is extended to other guests

Tours and activities

Starlight Chalet’s 6-acre property is home to scores of endemic birds and abundant exotic, native plants. And, in addition to the mini trails throughout the landscaped gardens, there are activities such as bird watching as well as tours of the Blue Mountains and coffee plantations for nature lovers and the adventurous. Tours can also be arranged to popular attractions such as Dunn River Falls, Portland Reach Falls, Port Royal.


  • Property Type:
    Boutique Hotel
  • Airport Transportation:
  • Free Parking:
  • WiFi:
  • Onsite Restaurant:
  • Excursions:
  • Meeting Rooms:
  • Bar/Lounge:
  • Hiking:
  • Location Type:
    1. 5,000 feet above sea level in the Blue Mountains
    2. Surrounded by wild tropical forests and majestic mountain ranges
  • Theme:
    1. A quiet, secluded mountain retreat
  • Other things to know:
    Although quiet, out-of-the-way and secluded, there are lots to do for those who want to do more than just relax:

    1. Hike in the mountains or to the nearby river and river falls
    2. Bird watch - there are close to 2 dozen birds that are unique to Jamaica and you'll find more than a few in this area
    3. Parlor and board games
    4. Explore nearby coffee plantations - this region produces some the finest (and most expensive) coffees in the world

    You may also want to check out the ganja farms in the area - not all which will be legal. Just ask the staff. They'll be able to hook you up.




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