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Rastafarian camp in the Blue Mountains

Situated high up in the Blue Mountains about 2 and a half hours from Kingston’s Norman Manley Airport, School of Vision Guesthouse is part of a secluded Rastafarian community n the village of Irish Town. School of Vision is a perfect excursion for the ganja tourist with a penchant for adventure – both cultural and spiritual. The panoramic views of the mountains, Kingston and the ocean beyond are spectacular, and you can expect to leave with an abundance of photos and videos.

Wear comfortable shoes

It is not possible to get all the way to the camp by car; you trek along a mountain path through lush coffee plantations from your drop-off point on the main road. After about 30 minutes, you will arrive at a cluster of brightly painted buildings in the signature Rasta colors of green, gold and red with a small temple surrounded by a ganja garden.

Rasta Kids at Rastafarian Community, Blue Mountains, Saint Andrew Parish, Jamaica

Basic but comfortable accommodations

School of Vision offers basic but comfortable and very affordable accommodations in the form of several single rooms and double rooms that share a bathroom, kitchen, and dining area. Guests range from hikers and backpackers to family groups. Just about anyone with a yen for an off-the-beaten-path, off the grid vacation and curiosity about Jamaican culture, in general and Rastafarianism, in particular. There is no airconditioning but but at over 3,000 ft. above sea level, you won’t miss it.

Experience authentic Rastafarianism

The community is very proud of its Rastafarian faith and culture and welcomes guests to join in, experience and celebrate their sacred rituals led by their priest, Dermot Fagan in their temple. Guests can, for example, participate in their Nyabinghi chanting and drumming on the sabbath which lasts for most of the day on Saturdays. It’s a fascinating scene full of color, flare and symbolism with breaks during which ganja pipes and spliffs are smoked. Cannabis is scared to Rastafarians who consider it a source of wisdom.

Enjoy traditional ital cuisine

Rastas live naturally and adhere to a largely organic, “ital” diet and the guesthouse offers freshly cooked vegetarian/vegan cuisine from produce harvested on the camp’s own farms and prepared according to their own creative recipes. There is a small shop where guests may purchase light meals and refreshments.

Visit the gift shop

Guests will find a wide range of unique, handmade products in the camp’s gift shop. These products range from native roots and wine to swimwear, bags, hats, healing oils, perfumes, wood carvings, jewelry, natural soaps and much more. 80% of the ingredients and materials used in the manufacture of the craft items are sourced directly on the mountain.

Other things to do

The Rastafarians at the camp are always delighted to teach guests about their culture and way of life. Tutorials are offered on how to farm on the mountain, about woodcarving as well as on nyabinghi drumming as well as step-by-step lessons on how to crochet. There are also tours to explore the Blue Mountain and nearby coffee plantations.



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    A high miuntain adventure


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