Natural Mystic CottagesEnjoy the village of Belmont like a Jamaican

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2 rustic cabins on a hill overlooking the sea

Natural Mystic Cottages is comprised of 2 cabins in an exotic flower garden on a hill in the fishing village of Belmont along Jamaica’s south west coast about 75 minutes from the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. It’s only a 5-minute walk to one beautiful white sand beach and 15 minutesto another. For reggae enthusiasts, the Peter Tosh Memorial is only 3 minutes away. The cottages are also close to shops and restaurants with delicious local food and lots of bars and interesting places to hang out.

Enjoy Belmont like a Jamaican

Natural Mystic Cottages was started out by a German tourist who got hooked on the village of Belmont and has lived there since the early 1980’s. She will be happy to help you discover local area attractions and places off the main road to rest, relax and enjoy authentic Jamaican cuisine in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. She knows great river walks in the mountains, sparkling waters where you can swim and play, waterfalls and transparent pools, beautiful powdery white sand beaches and lonely black sand beaches. She can also take you to the Rasta Village for an introduction to authentic Rastafari food and culture.

You’re in ganja country

Guests are allowed to smoke anywhere – except in the cabins. And, a herb house visit can be arranged after airport pick up. There are lots of small ganja farmers in the area some of whom visit the cottages from time to time so you will not have any difficulty finding a few local strains to enhance your vacation experience.

Many cool ways to spend your day

There are so many cool things to do at Natural Mystic Cottages. You can linger for a while in a hammock to observe the hummingbirds; mingle with the locals on the beach. You can prepare your own meals; have it done for you Jamaican style or dine at one of the local restaurants in the village. Get the “spa treatment” in an underground lake or take a dip in the amazing bottomless Blue Hole and refill your energy with a jelly coconut and your empty bottles with fresh water. There are also tours into the nearby mountains for guests interested in Jamaica’s herbs, plants and wildlife as well as boat tours and other excursions to places near and far.



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    2 very rustic bamboo cabins




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