Good Hope Retreat2 distinctively handcrafted cottages in Jamaica’s Kentucky mountains 2,000 ft above Bluefields Bay

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High up in Jamaica’s Kentucky mountains

Good Hope Retreat is located in western Jamaica’s Kentucky mountains 2000 ft above Bluefields Bay, about an hour and a half from the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay and a little over an hour from Negril. The Retreat is comprised of 2 secluded handcrafted cottages – each with its own distinctive character amid lush gardens, wandering trails, fruit orchards, the sounds of songbirds and an astonishingly beautiful view of the surrounding forest and the sea beyond. And, because the Retreat is at such a high altitude it never gets hot in the daytime. Bluefields beach is about a 10-15 car ride to the bottom of the hill for those who’d like a change of scenery.

Quiet, peaceful, secluded and very beautiful

This is a true retreat – quiet, peaceful, off-the-beaten-track and very beautiful – far away from Jamaica’s well-known, heavily traveled tourist areas with food prepared from fresh local products and cabins that are perfectly integrated into the natural environment. Good Hope Retreat is a perfect getaway for people who appreciate nature, couples looking to re-connect, hikers, writers, musicians, poets, stargazers and birders. Hosts, Sean and Geneva are fabulous; their warm and friendly hospitality will make you feel at home and their incredibly fresh, delicious, authentic Jamaican cuisine will leave you wanting more every time.

You’re in ganja country

Guests are allowed to smoke anywhere – except in the cabins. And, a herb house visit can be arranged after airport pick up. There are lots of small ganja farmers in the area some of whom visit the Retreat from time to time so you will not have any difficulty finding a few local strains to enhance your vacation experience.

Start the day with a hearty breakfast

You’ll open the veranda doors each morning to clean mountain air, relax in a hammock, do some yoga or just enjoy the view. It is the perfect place for a relaxed breakfast while the sun’s first rays of the day fall through the curtains and illuminate the table area. Breakfast portions are big enough to get you through the day until dinner. It comes with two courses: seasonal fruits with coffee and a warm meal as a second course–perhaps, ackee and saltfish with fried plantain and bammy (cassava flatbread) or oatmeal porridge and johnny cakes (fried dumplings).




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    A woodsy and secluded mountain retreat 2000 ft above sea level
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    Away From It All


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  1. Our vacation to Jamaica was an amazing experience and even more so because we were set up with some of the best people on the island. When we arrived in Montego Bay, we were picked up by our hosts Geneva and Sean from the Good Hope Retreat. They were incredibly friendly people who made us feel welcome right away. After picking up provisions (including a stop at the dispensary), they took us on an amazing ride through the mountains. We went through small villages and neighborhoods while Sean and Geneva talked about the local culture and people. It was small touches like these that made our experience so enjoyable.

    The Good Hope Retreat is tucked away high up in the mountains. From our viewpoint was the prospect of the southern beaches of the island. A truly gorgeous sight. Each morning we woke up to that view from our cabin window. The cabin was very cozy. We were cut off from internet and computer things and we loved it. Geneva made homemade breakfast and dinner every day. Jerk chicken, plantains, pappiya, peas and rice. Everything was delicious.

    On our second day in Jamaica we went on a trip to the Blue Hole. Kevon was our driver from Toke and Tour. He was friendly and had a lot of energy. He was as excited as we were for the day. Again we were way up in the mountains, and Kevin came up there with no problem and great vibes. He gave us some spliffs and some Red Stripe and we were on our way down the mountain and traveling through Savanna-la-Mar. It was a great drive through the south of Jamaica, listening to good music and enjoying the sights. When we got to the Blue Hole we were taken on a tour of the weed farm by Jerome. We saw where they cultivated and processed the marijuana. Later we relaxed by the pool that had water from the blue hole. We jumped in the hole and it was a lot of fun. I think they said it was a 30 foot drop. After a long day, Kevon brought us back to the top of the mountain and back to the retreat.

    The Good Hope Retreat really felt like a home away from home. After our days out exploring parts of the island, we were really happy to come back to our cabin and relax, smoke some weed, listen to music, and have a good conversation. Surrounded by the amazing views, sounds, and people it couldn’t get any better. So much great stuff happened I’m sure I’m leaving more out.

    Our experience in Jamaica was one of a kind. Thanks to Ganja Vacations for hooking us up with some really wonderful people and some great experiences. We learned a lot about the island and the people. It’s not a matter of if we will come back— that is for certain— it’s a matter of when. We both can’t wait to go back to Jamaica and find new things to explore.

    – Alesha, MI

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