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A secluded, hilltop hostel with a laid-back atmosphere

Germaican Hostel is located high in the hills above the small rural, seaside town of Port Antonio on Jamaica’s northeast coast with stunning views of the town, the Caribbean, and the Blue Mountains. It’s an ideal place for the budget-minded ganja tourist to relax, chill out to Reggae vibes, andsoak up the spectacular sunsets.

Ganja is unavoidable at this hostel

After a bumpy ride up a winding “road,” you’ll arrive on the front lawn of a charming yellow house with a large front porch. Several friendly dogs will race to greet you as other guests wave hello from their hammocks. The atmosphere is as informal and laid-back as you can get. Like many new arrivals, you will probably drop your bags and join the front porch crew where someone is always smoking weed. Marijuana is unavoidable at this hostel.


For the young budget-minded ganja traveler

Germaican is an unbeatable value whether you are travelling single, as a couple or a group. The hostel’s private rooms and shared dormitories are kept spotlessly clean, and the perks include free breakfast and excellent Wi-Fi. The main building features 2 private double rooms and 2 dorms, along with 2 communal bathrooms but you can also book a private bungalow with a private bathroom. There is also a shared loungeand lush gardens.And, Marian, the owner, will shuttle you up and down the hill as necessary shop in town or get to the beach.

Don’t like weed? This is not the place for you

The property is owned by a German couple and although both speak perfect English, most of their guests are German. And in the 20-40 age range. Additionally, this is not the place for you if you don’t smoke weed or like the smell of weed because someone is always smoking somewhere on the property.

Activities and tours

The tiny town of Port Antoniois far away from the maddening tourist crowds and crowded beaches. It is in Jamaica’s lushest and rainiest region and is a jumping off point for more adventurous and nature-oriented tourists. In town, you will find clubs, concerts, bars, cafes, restaurants, arts & craft markets, and more.But, if you want to get close to the locals, learn about Jamaican culture and cuisine, and see parts of the island that few tourists ever see, talk to Marian.



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    Rustic hilltop location overlooking the sea and the town
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