Bourbon Beach Jamaica HotelNEGRIL'S PARTY CAPITAL


Live entertainment on the beach

Bourbon Beach is located about 75 minutes from the Donald Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, centrally located on 7-Mile-Beach along Negril’s famous Hip Strip adjacent to Times Square mall and next door to the Knutsford Express bus depot within close proximity to restaurants, bars, other hotels and several herb houses. The hotel offers affordable. live entertainment, 3 bars, great jerk and other options for lunch and dinner. There is also a cinema screen on the beach that keeps guests entertained with music and movies.


Negril’s Party Capital

Bourbon Beach describes itself as Negril’s party capital and although there are several other venues that would also describe themselves as such, Bourbon Beach is a cut above the others with its great stage, music all day and live bands and a DJ most nights of the week until around 1 am. This hotel has for years been a pulsating hot spot for good vibes, weed, and down to earth hospitality in Negril. On any given day or night (especially during the tourist season) you will find the bar busy, people gyrating to music, live performances, clouds of weed smoke and the smell of jerk permeating air.

Comfortable rooms facing the beach

You will like Bourbon Beach’s comfortable, airconditioned and affordable rooms, many of which face the beach plus all the amenities you expect in a modern hotel. It is also the perfect spot if you want to go cliff jumping and see the sunset at Rick’s Café. And, as previously mentioned, the food was delicious. Especially the jerk chicken.

A very ganja friendly property

Bourbon Beach is a very ganja friendly property as you are likely to discover within minutes of arriving. It expects to have its own onsite herb house eventually.  Guests are allowed to smoke anywhere on the property with consideration to others who may be offended by it. There are several herb houses in Negril for the purchase of weed.



  • Property Type:
    Boutique Hotel
  • Airport Transportation:
  • Free Parking:
  • Swimming Pool:
  • Air Conditioning:
  • WiFi:
  • Onsite Restaurant:
  • Beach:
  • Spa Services:
  • Excursions:
  • Bar/Lounge:
  • Hiking:
  • Breakfast:
  • Cable:
  • Cannabis Provided:
  • Complimentary Toiletries:
  • Patio:
  • TV:
  • Location Type:
    Centrally located in Negril
  • Theme:
    Berachfront party atmosphere


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