Big Red’s Retreat3 BEDS, SLEEPS 1-5, 24hr SECURITY

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A modern art deco style villa

Big Red’s is a comfortable home away from home in Bull Savannah, a farming community in the heart of St. Elizabeth, on Jamaica’s beautiful South West coast, a short drive from Treasure Beach (35 mins) and Alligator Pond (10 mins). Completed in 2015, this modern,art deco-esque villa has been described by some as bringing north coast luxury to the south coast. The location is remote but with spectacular views and plenty of options for dining and beach activities.

Owned and operated by a retired London couple

The resort is owned and operated by Leslie (a retired schoolteacher) and Sheila, a retired chef, a friendly London couple who custom designed the building and live on the floor above the guest accommodation. They are attentive hosts,knowledgeable about the area and passionate about showcasing the hospitality and natural beauty their community. They are also very helpful with tips on places to eat and sites to visit.

Spacious accommodations

Guests have access to an open plan living area, spacious rooms, patios, kitchen, swimming pool, sun deck, shade area, and a large flat roof area with stunning views of Spur Tree hill and Little Ochie.The amenities include a swimming pool, sundeck and lots of indoor entertainment options but, like most guests, you are likely to spend most of your time outdoors.The property can accommodate up to 10 guests, but for the duration of the covid-19 pandemic, will not accept more than one booking at a time and a maximum of 6 guests.

Ganja in south St. Bess

The resort has a very relaxed towards ganja. You are free to smoke anywhere outside on the property and Leslie will be happy to arrange for a visit to a ganja farm where you will be able to procure all the weed you want to purchase.There is a ganja shop for medicinal purposes around 30 minutes drive in Spur Tree, and there are suppliers all around, several of whom Leslie knows personally. One of these is said to sell the best in the area, and Leslie can arrange for you to see this firsthand; the guy also has a bar in a mango tree.

Local area attractions

Aside from just blazing, there are loads of things for you to do whilst enjoying the sun, peace and tranquility of the area.Junction is just 2 miles away and is the fastest growing town on the island. So much so, there is a thought to make it the parishcapital, as opposed to the sleepy backwater of Black River. Numerous shops and eateries and sellers all over the place!The places highlighted below are all in the parish and no more than an hour’s drive away.

  • Treasure Beach is a 30 min drive and has lovely beaches, places to eat and the best and cheapest way to reach the Pelican Bar, a man-made bar about 2 miles offshore.
  • YS falls is around an hour’s drive, and has wonderful waterfalls, swings, a saltwaterpool and an aerial runway. This can be tied in with the Appleton Rum tour, as it is nearby. A tour talking about the history of rum on the island and a tasting session too!
  • Bamboo Avenue is enroute to YS, and is 2 miles of huge bamboos arching over the road. It is a great place for a stop and to grab a water coconut; jelly or hard, depending on the season.
  • Possibly the most interesting place would be Accompong Town, an independent enclave in Jamaica, with its own elected leader. The 600 acres was given to the Maroons, to basically stop them warring with the British. Because of its location and expertise, I believe they are now producing high grade, medicinal weed for export.
  • Going through Maggoty, you can either go to Accompong, or take a right and head for Appleton Rum farm, a fascinating, historical rum producer for hundreds of years. There are excellent tours, a great restaurant and free sampling!
  • Alligator Pond is a sleepy fishing village but boasting 3 excellent fish restaurants. A mile from there along the coast is the ‘river’, boasting Mangroves, a wide sandy beach, and several bars in which to chill, eat and drink.
  • Lover’s Leap is the sight of the highest lighthouse in the western hemisphere. Stunning views (1850 feet up), great photo opportunities, cold draught beer and great food. It is probably the nearest to north coast levels of service in the area



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