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Are you a travel agent or agency with a client base with an affinity for ganja vacation experiences in Jamaica? Let’s talk! We are eager to work with you.

Primarily interested in group business

We are particularly interested in agents that can bring us groups. These groups don’t have to be large because, as you may have already realized, we are working with small boutique properties in Jamaica. Our resorts vary in size but few are larger than 20 rooms so the ideal group size will vary depending on the sleeping arrangements and the resort in question. But don’t be shy about calling us about any group of less than 50. We’ll figure it out. We also have the flexibility to customize packages for ganja loving groups based on gender, dietary restrictions, special interest and just about anything else.

Selling experiences; not just rooms

You should not forget that we are not just selling rooms. We are offering vacation packages that typically include some combination of elements like room nights, airport transfers, meals, activities, tours and some form of ganja experience. Our website offers scores of such packages, but we can and have customized packages for particular groups. And. our resort partners in Jamaica are just as eager and flexible as we are to do this.

Our commission structure

We are currently offering a basic 5% commission to travel agents, We will howver agree to higher commission rates depending on the size of the group and, especially, to agents who bring us a steady stream of business. Wanna’ talk about how we can work together? Please use the form on this page to contact us but, if you are too impatient to communicate by email, feel free to call us at (888) 524-2652. 

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