Cannabis tourism is going to be very BIG!

Are you a travel agent with an interest in cannabis? Or, perhaps, an agent with clients you know to have an interest in weed and weed vacation experiences? We need to talk! Cannabis tourism is now a thing and experts are agreed that it is going to be a very big thing. It is an industry that you and every travel professional in America should have an eye on.



Weedsters are seeking out cannabis friendly vacation experiences

Weed is becoming mainstream in America, and this is the engine that is driving cannabis tourism. 49% of US adults say they have tried cannabis Recreation and medicinal cannabis are already legal for most Americans and as legalization percolates across the country, it is reasonable to assume that weed lovers will begin to proactively seek out cannabis friendly destinations and accommodations. Recent surveys confirm that this is already happening. 50% of millennial say that access to legal cannabis is a factor in planning a vacation and 3% of these millennial say that they have intentionally chosen to take a vacation in a legal cannabis state.


Lots of potential for travel professionals

It is our view that there will be abundant opportunities for travel professionals to make good money in a large and fast-growing cannabis tourism industry. Especially those who jump in early. And this will not require reaching out tonew people; you can be close to 100% certain that a significant percentage of your current clients are cannabis consumers, even though they have not been asking about cannabis travel. It’s not because they’re not interested, it’s because they have no clue that such things exist. It’s your job to bring them up to speed.


Let us help you get started

We are eager to help you get started in cannabis tourism generally and, more particularly, in selling our exciting Jamaica ganja vacation experiences. Whether this be help with marketing collateral or a talk with you and your colleagues about what we do and how to best collaborate with us. All you have to do is contact us. We know that our packages may not always be exactly what your clients are looking for, but they can all be customized for your requirements.



Want to partner for group business

We are especially eager to work with agents who can bring us group business. These groups don’t have to be large because, as you may have already realized, we are primarily working with boutique properties. We have resorts larger than 50 rooms. Working with our properties and vendors in Jamaica, we can structure packages involving infinite combinations of rooms, dining, tours, activities, cultural experiences and ganja. We also have the flexibility to create group packages based on very particular special interests or on requirements related to such things as gender, dietary restrictions, and wellness.


A competitive commission structure

We are currently offering a basic 12.5% commission for individual bookings and 15% for groups of 6 or more. Our commission for tours is 7.5%. Wanna’ talk about how we can work together? Please use the form on this page to contact us but, if you are too impatient to communicate by email, feel free to call Norman at (312) 709-9959.



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