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A sacramental wellness store

Negril Soap Factory is a sacramental medicinal wellness store and a proud member of the EABIC (Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress Church of True Divine Salvation) – the Rastafarian church. Located at the Negril Escapes Resort and Spa on West End Road – past Rock House but before Rick’s Café. So close to Rick’s that you can walk there. The store offers a variety of soaps, oils and other high quality natural ganja infused products and cannabis as well as a variety of classes and demonstrations. The location at Negril Escapes Resort offers beautiful sunset views, a nice bar, a lighthouse, cliffs, and a wonderful place to swim.

What does it mean to be a sacramental sanctuary?

The Negril Soap Factory supports the Rastafarian community that has built the cannabis culture in Jamaica and around the world and encourages education of the holistic use of cannabis as it relates to the mind, body and spirit. The store operates under a sacramental license which means that visitors do not really purchase products; they are donating to the EABIC church.

Owner, Debra Barret

Licensed Trichologist and Cosmetologist, Owner of Negril Soap Factory and Gro N Glo

Debra’s mission is to provide gentle and natural hair and skin care products for mature women of color. She suffered through her own hair loss challenges, as most people do when they begin to age. Instead of allowing it to affect her negatively, she used her knowledge and beauty background to create hair and skin care products that would stimulate hair growth using natural herbs, oils, and eventually incorporating cannabis. All of Negril Soap Factory’s products have medicinal benefits and are made for specific purposes. Debra’s trichology services are available, on an appointment basis, for people experiencing hair loss.





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