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A spectacular oasis in the hills above Montego Bay

Ahhh … RasNatango Gallery and Garden is an eco-tourism attraction in the hills, 2,000 feet above Montego Bay with spectacular views of the surrounding areas. It is a must-see combination of cliff-side garden, art gallery, and TripAdvisor five start rated service and hospitality. Ras Natango, his wife Tamika and son, Ayale, have transformed the barren side of a cliff into a phenomenal oasis with magnificent plants of untold varieties, rocks that have been transformed into animals and birds, birds everywhere. First time visitors describe the place as a mesmerizing and a stunningly unique experience.

Start with the guided tour

It’s best to start with the (approximately) 45-minute tour by a guide who will wow you with her knowledge of each and every plant as well as her journey through Jamaican and Rastafarian history. You are free to linger after the tour to stroll the gardens at your leisure, take pictures of the birds, enjoy a Jamaican style meal and shop in the gallery and gift shop.

And, Ahhh… the birds

The terraced garden is abundant with blooming flowers, breathtaking views and countless birds … and hummingbirds in particularwho will perch to feed from your hand … that are visible throughout the day and dart between guests with no fear. 18 of Jamaica’s 28 endemic birds can be found in this garden – including Jamaica’s national bird, the swallow-tailed hummingbird – known by locals as the doctor bird.

Gallery and gift shop

The gallery features works by Ras and his son Ayale. Ras is a self-taught artist who works mostly in acrylics. His paintings depict island life and tropical flora and can be found in many hotels on the island and with collectors across the world. The craft items are all made on the property by youth from the community.






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