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  • Jay’s Blue Mountain Kush Jay’s Guest House , Hagley Gap

    6 days / 5 nights USD $920 Per Person
    This ganja vacation package is for the adventurous, budget minded tourist. It offers basic accommodations 3,000 ft. up in the cool air of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains. You’ll be blown away by the majestic beauty of the vistas, the aroma of the nearby coffee plantations and the pristine water of the mountain streams. You’ll also get access to just about all the ganja you can handle plus lots of great, authentic Jamaican cooking.
  • Polish Princess Jammz Polish Princess , Port Antonio

    6 days / 5 nights USD $740 Per Couple
    Polish Princess Jammz is an extraordinarily affordable ganja vacation package. In addition to 5 comfortable nights with a Polish princess, you get the ganja experiences you came to Jamaica for plus access to great beaches and lots of other memorable experiences. And, of course, lots of ganja too.
  • San San’s Sativa Tha Lagoon Spot , Port Antonio

    6 days / 5 nights USD $1,200 4 People or 2 Couples
    Tha Lagoon Spot’s San San’s Sativa ganja vacation package is for 2 couples or 4 friends with an interest in spending a few hazy days and nights in their own 2-bedroom villa in Jamaica. The ganja vacation starts with a visit to a herb house in Kingston, continues on the trip over the mountains to your villa where a ganja welcome package awaits you. This will almost certainly be your first introduction to ganja wine. And, at $300 per person, this is an amazing deal!
  • Cannabis on The Lagoon Tha Lagoon Spot , Port Antonio

    7 days / 6 nights USD $880 Per Couple
    The Cannabis on da Lagoon package offers a week-long vacation in one of Tha Lagoon Spot’s studio apartments. Your ganja vacation starts at a herb house in Kingston so that you’ll have a few goodies for your trip across the mountains to Port Antonio on the island’s north coast. And then, you get even more goodies on arrival.
  • Toker’s Paradise Tha Lagoon Spot , Port Antonio

    7 days / 6 nights USD $740 Per Couple
    Tha Lagoon Spot is very eager to please its ganja guests not only with comfortable accommodations but with a range of ganja enticements that range from a herb house visit after airport pickup and local area farm visits to an ounce of weed on arrival. They are making their property into a toker’s paradise – just for you.
  • Kaly Breeze La Familia Guesthouse & Natural Farm , Long Bay, Portland

    4 days / 3 nights USD $670 Per Couple
    Kaly Breeze from La Familia Guesthouse and Natural Farm in Port Antonio is a package for the serious weed enthusiast. You’ll be in a guesthouse with a ganja growing operation right next door. How does unlimited access to the best organic marijuana available sound to you? Can a ganja vacation get any better than that? There is a terrific Italian restaurant onsite and for variety there is great, authentic Jamaica fare at nearby restaurants.
  • Sensimila Package Kingsworth Bed & Breakfast , Kingston

    4 days / 5 nights USD $300 Per Couple
    The Sensimilia ganja vacation package puts you in a comfortable and extraordinarily affordable bed and breakfast in the foothills of mountains on the outskirts of the Jamaican capital. This package is not for the ganja tourist who wants to spend all day getting burnt on a beach. But the curious traveler will not run out of exciting things to do in Kingston. The ganja vacation starts with a herb house visit after your airport pickup plus another couple of spliffs on arrival at the B&B. Beaches, shopping and nightlife are easily accessible.
  • Cannabis Flamez Holiday Haven , RUNAWAY BAY

    5 days / 4 nights USD $1,500 Per Couple | All Inclusive
    This package offers 5 days and 4 restful nights (and all meals) in the beautiful resort town of Runaway Bay in a boutique hotel strategically located close to most things that you will want to do. Your Cannabis Flamez vacation start with a visit to a herb house right off the plane and the Holiday Haven resort is close to a couple others so there’s no reason for your stash to ever be depleted
  • Healing and Cannabis Jackies on the Reef , Negril

    7 days / 6 nights USD $1,900 Per Couple | All Inclusive
    Healing and Cannabis is a vacation package for the weed enthusiast with a desire for a respite from the work-a-day world. At Jackies on the Reef you’ll be 100% centered on health, wellness, relaxation, and rejuvenation. While also enjoying some of Jamaica’s famous strains and delectable local fare in the calm of one of the most peaceful and serene atmospheres imaginable. This package also includes breakfast and dinner for each day of your stay.
  • Hazy Dayz Vacation Middleground Mini Resort , Accompong

    6 days / 5 nights USD $910 Per Couple
    This Hazy Dayz ganja vacation package offers 6 days and 5 nights in ganja country high up in the mountains of western Jamaica. You won’t be at the Ritz, but you’ll be cool, comfortable and happy mingling with friendly locals who’ll be as interested to talk to you as you with them. You’ll also be in a village known for being one of the safest places on the island.
  • Mystic Miracle Sea Miracle Villa , Duncans Bay

    8 days / 7 nights USD $2,580 Entire Villa
    The Mystic Miracle ganja vacation package offers 8 days and 7 nights in a lovely seaside villa in a small village far away from the bother of the busy tourist towns. You have complete run of a comfortable 3-bedroom house with a housekeeper to cook, clean, grocery shop and take care of all the things you prefer not to do on your vacation. Plus, of course, access to the ganja vacation experiences you came looking for.
  • The XYE-Xperience XYE Resort , NEGRIL

    4 days / 3 nights USD $1,400 Per Couple
    This Xperience starts very auspiciously with a stopover, minutes from the airport, at Island Strains Herb House for a complimentary Ganja Welcome Package. With your precious little stash in hand, your Xperience continues by way of private transfer along Jamaica’s beautiful north coast to your hotel in Negril - with a stop along the way at a local vendor for a cold piped coconut. the Jamaican way. And remember, your resort is right next door to an herb house.
  • Ganja & Culture O&G Guesthouse , Accompong

    5 days / 4 nights USD $575 Per Couple
    The Ganja & Culture Vacation Package offers 5 days and 4 nights of good vibes and relaxing times plus lots of ganja in the beautiful mountains of Jamaica’s Cockpit Country. Accompong is known for being one of the safest places on the island. You can walk anywhere anytime and you “don’t worry about any likkle thing.” Breezes blow throughout the day and the nights are cool and comfortable. The package includes; Cultural Center, and Kindah Tree - all of which reveal the rich history and powerful legacy of the Maroons
  • Relax & Chill Little Bay Beach House , Little Bay

    6 days / 5 nights USD $1,100 Entire Villa
    This package offers 6 days and 5 restful nights in a small, quiet, peaceful fishing village in a rustic but comfortable cottage right on the beach. You’ll go to sleep and wake each morning to the sounds of the waves and spend your days doing as little or as much as you choose. You’ll also get access to just about all the ganja you can handle plus lots of great, authentic Jamaican cooking.
  • Ganja Inna Da Hills Mel’s Botanical Retreat , KENTUCKY

    7 days / 6 nights USD $1,169 Per Couple
    Ganja Inna Da Hills is a truly ganja forward ganja vacation package. It offers abundant ganja and ganja experiences in the peace and quiet of your own comfortable cabin 2500 ft up in the cool of Jamaica’s Kentucky mountains. This package also includes 2 meals per day, and you will LOVE Mel’s authentic Jamaican fusion meals prepared from fresh locally grown produce, This will be a Jamaica ganja vacation to remember.
  • Sea to River Tour Rainbow Villas Guesthouse , Belmont

    3 days / 2 nights USD $450 Per Couple
    This Sea to River Tour is for a ganja tourist with an appetite for adventure and a taste for the real Jamaica. In addition to comfortable accommodations as well as the swimming, snorkeling and beach experiences that tourists expect in Jamaica, you get an introduction to real Jamaican jerk and learn about Jamaicans grow and use ganja.
  • Grass Roots Package Homey Jamaican Cottage , Ocho Rios

    8 days / 7 nights USD $1,570 4 People or 2 Couples
    Homey Jamaica Cottage does not provide luxury accommodations and this immersion in authentic Jamaican village life is for the curious and adventurous ganja tourist. There is not just good access to ganja. but also, local culinary experiences, cultural visits, tours to heavenly natural spots as well as learning on how to live with ganja as a part of your life.
  • Tru Ites Ganja Tour Tru Ites Guesthouse , Montego Bay

    4 days / 3 nights USD $420 Per Couple
    This a very affordable package for an adventurous, budget minded ganja tourist with a desire to experience a little bit of Jamaican village life and mingle with locals. The accommodations are comfortable but basic and not for people expecting the creature comforts of a 4-star resort. But you you’ll have a wonderful host, meet friendly people and have access to as much weed as you want. You also be close to the beaches and glitz of Montego Bay to also enjoy some of that.
  • A Treasure Beach Ganja Vacation Moringa Ingadi Village , Negril

    6 days/5 nights USD $3,600 Entire Villa
    This package offers the adventurous ganja tourist a real taste of the incredibly special experience that is Treasure Beach. Accommodations at Moringa Ingadi’s African style village, good Jamaican ganja, mingling with the locals at small neighborhood eateries, and Miss Shirley’s steam bath and massage are just a few of the experiences in this Treasure Beach Ganja Vacation Package.
  • Cannabis Gold Package Salmon Point Cabins & Campground , Little Bay

    6 Days/5 Nights USD $1,700 Per Couple | All Inclusive
    This extra-special Cannabis Gold Package provides guests with a deluxe cabin, complete with kitchen and appliances, premium grade cannabis from our premier farmers and growers, delicious breakfast and dinner daily, with lunch available as well as a fully stocked cash bar, Daily off property excursions (at additional cost), and full use of facilities, including fishing and snorkeling gear, kayaks, bicycles, and more!.
  • Roots Rockside Vybz Rockside Villa , Treasure Beach

    7 days / 6 nights USD $1,000 Per Couple
    6 nights for two people at this price is an amazing deal – especially considering the other elements of this Roots Rockside Vybz package. Rockside Villa believes in community tourism and guests get lots of opportunity to meet and interact with locals; may be a passing chat with a fisherman displaying his catch on the beach or a couple of hours over Red Stripes and dominoes. This is a true roots vacation package.
  • Cocklestop Inn Seashell Cocklestop Inn , Parottee

    5 days/4 nights USD $650 Per Couple
    This is an amazing deal! If you exclude airport transfers, this package comes out to about $100 per night for two people in a beautiful seaside cottage close to a great swimming beach at a picturesque location from which to pursue lots of interesting experiences on Jamaica’s wonderful south coast. And, of course access to lots of ganja!


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