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  • Easy Skanking Sativa Cottages , Little Bay

    8 Days / 7 Nights USD $3,108 Per Couple
    Easy Skanking is the longest of Sativa Cottages three Bob Marley ganja vacation packages. It is for two people and offers 8 days and 7 nights in your own little cottage, on the beach in the middle of Jamaica’s prime ganja growing region with inclusions such as meals, airport transfers and excursions plus unlimited access to some of the best weed in the word. Is this a ganja vacation heaven or what? You’ll be so rested and chilled, your friends may have a hard time recognizing you when you skank back home.
  • Healing “HIGH” in the Hills Raha’s Retreat , Negril

    6 Days / 5 Nights USD $1,525 Per Person | All Inclusive
    This is an unbelievable " all inclusive" a ganja healing package ideal for a family, friends, social club or any kind of adult group looking for a peaceful and restful vacay to chill, do as little as possible, eat well, enjoy each other’s company and commune with nature, And, of course, smoke as much weed as they can get their hands on. You'll probably have the place all to yourselves and will find it to be comfortable, very private and in the middle of one of Jamaica’s prime ganja growing regions with easy access to weed and no restrictions on consuming it.
  • A “Smokin” Ganja Vacation Blue Hole Mineral Spring , Little Bay

    5 Days / 4 Nights USD $645 Per Person
    This Smokin Ganja Vacation package provides access to all the weed you will ever need and tons of activities to do. You may not want to venture out from this remote, private and utterly delightful little ganja getaway resort but, for those who prefer a more active weed vacation, the package includes excursions to popular tourist spots in the area. However, we won’t criticize if you just want to chill and smoke by the pool or the bar with other tourists and locals, get an invigorating mineral scrub, take the occasional dive into the Blue Hole or visit the neighboring growing operation. After all, this is a weed vacation, isn’t it?
  • Get HIGH in Jamaica Somewhere West , Negril West End

    4 Days / 3 Nights USD $1,200 Per Person
    The Get HIGH in Jamaica ganja vacation getaway package is just long enough for a satisfying immersive experience of Jamaican ganja culture but not long enough for you to start worrying about - whatever you usually worry about back home. Of course, with easy access to ganja, forgetting will not be hard. In addition to all the ganja you want, you will love the casual vibe of this colorful boutique resort, the beautiful accommodations, the great food, the accommodating staff and the many ganja-related activities they have organized for you.
  • Get MORE HIGH in Jamaica Somewhere West , Negril West End

    4 Days / 3 Nights USD $1,800 Per Person
    Get MORE HIGH in Jamaica includes many of the same features as the basic Get HIGH in Jamaica package. However, it comes with a nicer room and more ganja-themed activities. It is for the ganja enthusiast who wants to do more and learn more about ganja in Jamaica. So, instead of just two ganja activities, this package includes four. And, of course, you can do even more, if you are up to it. You’ll find these 4 days and 3 nights to be the perfect length for a respite to chill, smoke, eat well, soak up the cool Jamaican vibes and recharge for the rat race back home. And, if things go as planned, you’ll be booking your return Jamaica ganja vacation before you check out.
  • Ganja Road Trip … Ultra Starlight Chalet , Silver Hill Gap

    7 days/6 nights USD $2,600 Per Person | All Inclusive
    Like all of Starlight Chalet's other packages, this is also an "all-inclusive" deal the includes local ground transportation, accommodations, all meals and tours. This package is especially crafted for the serious cannabis enthusiast. You get to sample herb houses in the capital, Kingston, as well as those along the north coast of the island that cater mostly to the tourist trade. But even more importantly, you get to hang out with bud tenders from across the island and sample a broad variety of local strains. You'll be an expert on Jamaican varieties by the time you return home.   
  • Ganja Road Trip Jamaica Starlight Chalet , Silver Hill Gap

    6 Days / 5 Nights USD $1,425 Per Person | All Inclusive
    Ganja Road Trip Jamaica is also an "all-inclusive"package that includes ground transportation, accommodations, meals and tours. It is for the cannabis tourist with a desire to explore a little more of the Jamaican ganja scene. For example, you get to visit herb houses in Kingston that cater mostly to locals as well as on the north coast which cater primarily to visitors. In addition to purchasing weed, you will able to linger, have a drink, eat lunch or just gaze at the ocean while you enjoy a spliff.    
  • Head in the Clouds Hotel Mockingbird Hill , Port Antonio

    5 Days / 4 Nights USD $748 Per Person
    This is a deal for the cannabis tourist with a taste for upscale accommodations, spectacular views, great hospitality and culinary excellence. You'll love the laid back, relaxed vibe of this luxurious, eco-friendly resort in the quaint town of Port Antonio on Jamaica's lush north east coast. 
  • In Seaclusion Sea Cliff Hotel & Spa , Port Antonio

    5 Days / 4 Nights USD $1,900 Per Person | All Inclusive
    This In Seaclusion Ganja Vacation package is an “all-inclusive” deal that includes accommodations, meals and a package of excursions. Everything for a total, relaxed, worry-free, weed vacation. Just bring your person, your boo. your appetite and your desire for fun. Everything else is provided
  • Peace, Quiet & Ganja Starlight Chalet , Silver Hill Gap

    4 Days / 3 Nights USD $675 Per Person | All Inclusive
    This Peace, Quiet & Ganja Vacation package offers a good introduction to the Jamaican ganja scene combined with accommodations and meals at Starlight Chalet's spectacular resort 5,000 feet above sea level in the cool, coffee-tinged air of Jamaica's Blue Mountains. You get a full day to visit herb houses (dispensaries) in Kingston where you can commune with other ganja enthusiasts and get an education about local strains from the friendly and very knowledgeable bud tenders. It is an "all-inclusive" package that includes just about everything - ground transportation. accommodations, meals and tours. It is ideal for a ganja-loving couple with a desire for a few days of quiet time, nature walks and dinners for just two in the secluded, romantic ambiance of Starlight Chalet's rooms and gardens.


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