How to Tell if Your Cannabis Plant Is Male or Female

Cannabis cultivators the world over know the obsessive, purgatorial feeling of waiting for their plants to mature to discern sex—female, male or hermaphrodite. A male plant, while essential for reproduction, can also run rampant across a garden and devastate an entire crop of flowering female plants—intended for consumption—by inadvertently pollinating them and causing hermaphroditism. If culled …

Amsterdam to outlaw cannabis-smoking in red-light district streets

Smoking cannabis on the street in Amsterdam’s red light district will soon be illegal, the city council has announced, as part of a range of bylaws designed to deter tourist excesses and make life more bearable for despairing local people.

Seattle No. 2 among metros where cannabis is more popular than nicotine

In the Seattle area, the popularity of cannabis products easily exceeds that of cigarettes, e-cigarettes and vaping, according to new data from market-research firm Nielsen. In surveys conducted between March 2021 and January 2022, around 865,000 people age 18 and older in the Seattle market area — about 20% of the adult population — said they …

Realize your ganja vacation fantasy

Advice on how and where to achieve the weed vacation we know you have fantasized about. And not just anywhere, but in Jamaica. The home for ganja!

I Wanted to Join the Legal Cannabis Industry. Now I’m Sitting in Prison.

Jonathan Wall has been incarcerated for the last 12 months at the Chesapeake Detention Facility, a supermax security lock up in Baltimore, Maryland for selling weed. If convicted, he could be sentenced to anywhere from 10 years to life in prison without any possibility of parole.

Kamala Harris Says Biden Admin Will Decriminalize Cannabis

“Times have changed — marijuana should not be a crime,” says Kamala Harris. “We need to start regulating marijuana and expunge marijuana convictions from the records of millions of Americans so they can get on with their lives.”

Don’t pass that dutch: How potheads are rethinking marijuana etiquette amid coronavirus

Smoking weed is often a group activity so, in the age of coronavirus, are you still puffing on communal joints? Or is that behavior now frowned upon among your friends? Are you a careful, health-conscious pothead? Has the weed etiquette in your group evolved to protect from catching covid 19 from the tip of a …


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