Heisman Trophy Winner Ricky Williams Launches ‘Highsman’ Cannabis Brand

Another well known athlete enters the cannabis business. This time it’s former NFL running back and Heisman trophy winner, Ricky Williams with his Highsman brand. Williams was suspended five times during his NFL career for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, missing two full seasons. In March, the NFL announced it would end suspensions for positive cannabis …

Former NBA star Chris Webber opening $175M cannabis ‘compound’ in Detroit

Former NBA super star Chris Webber has announced that he’s opening a multimillion-dollar cannabis “compound” in his native city of Detroit. What’s this with sports stars and cannabis? And NBA athletes, in particular. https://thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/in-the-know/574411-former-nba-player-chris-webber-opening-175m-cannabis-compound?rl=1

NBA’s Allen Iverson Joins Al Harrington’s Cannabis Company, Says They Are ‘About To Change The Game’

NBA Hall of Fame Allen Iverson has joined Viola, a purpose-driven cannabis brand co-founded by basketball great Al Harrington. Iverson is the latest in a long line of celebrities and high sports getting into the cannabis business. As Viola’s talent partner, Iverson will continue to build on many of Harrington’s business initiatives, leading the drop …

Nevada Declares Marijuana Not Performance Enhancing—Legalizes Cannabis Use For MMA Athletes

Are you a weed loving boxer or MMA fighter? Life just got a lot easier for you in the state of Nevada. The Nevada state Athletic Commission voted recently to lift its longtime ban on athletes using marijuana, opening the door for boxers and mixed-martial artists competing on the sport’s biggest stage to freely and openly use …

Is Marijuana a Performance-Enhancing Drug?

Sha’Carri Richardson will miss her main event at the Tokyo Olympics for smoking weed. But it’s not even clear that marijuana is a peformance enhancing drug. https://slate.com/culture/2021/07/shacarri-richardson-marijuana-ban-tokyo-olympics-why.html


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