From Budtender to Dispensary Owner

Tahir Johnson, a third-generation native of Ewing Township, N.J., received a blunt warning from his mother during his coming-of-age years in the late 1990s on the north side of Trenton. “Be careful driving while Black,” his mom, Carolyn Watson Johnson, used to tell him and his brothers.  

Man Serving Life In Prison for $20 Cannabis Sale Gets Chance at Freedom Under New Louisiana Law

Kevin O’Brien Allen, a 39-year-old Louisiana man serving life in prison without parole after being arrested for selling $20 worth of cannabis to a police informant, has a legitimate shot at freedom under a state law passed last year. Can’t America do better than this?

Amazon workers fired for cannabis use can reapply for jobs

Amazon seems to be getting more and more engaged with cannabis and especially with issues related to fairness and, in particular, with respect to its own actions and employees.

The cannabis industry is booming, but for many Black Americans the price of entry is steep

Cannabis is booming. US sales topped $18bn last year and the industry currently accounts for 321,000 full-time jobs across 37 states. Cannabis is also creating jobs faster than any other industry in the US. But for many Black Americans – who are close to four times as likely to be arrested for cannabis charges as white people …


The New Orleans City Council has passed a series of articles to pardon cannabis-related charges and effectively decriminalize cannabis. By unanimous vote the city council also pardoned an estimated 10,000 people. The city is also making an effort to work with the NOPD to end the war on weed – freeing the department to focus more …

Black Entrepreneurs in Cannabis Industry Push for a Piece of the Profits

Black people comprise only a small percentage of those profiting from the burgeoning legalized pot market, according to state data. Public initiatives and private funds, like one started by Jay-Z, aim to boost minority participation.


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