Is it legal to fly with marijuana? Here are the laws you need to know

America’s confusing patchwork of cannabis laws sometimes makes it difficult to know what is legal and what is not – and that includes air travel. Even when you’re traveling with prescription medicinal weed in a state where it is legal.

Does cannabis make for better sex? Maybe so, according to The New York Times. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the right dose of cannabis can make a woman’s orgasms more satisfying and increase sex drive. This is in part because cannabis can enhance the senses and also alleviate some of the symptoms that inhibit desire.


It seems that more people are turning to cannabis over alcohol. Research reveals that cannabis can have the same relaxing and uplifting effects as alcohol but without the health risks and side effects. Here are a few of the reasons why people are choosing cannabis over alcohol.

Cannabis & Erectile Dysfunction: What’s The Relationship?

Beware guys. All that weed you’re smoking may be having having effects that we know you don’t want. According to a new study, the incidence of erectile dysfunction is twice as prevalent in men who smoke cannabis compared to those who don’t.

Want a Higher Quality of Life? Use Cannabis Daily Says a New Brazilian Mental Health Survey

It turns out that habitual cannabis scored far higher on a quality of life assessment than non-users in a recent study. The study came from Brazil where they conducted a cross-sectional study with 7405 participants. 89% of them claimed to be cannabis users where 11% were non-users.

Do you trust your doctor about cannabis?

Barely a quarter of cannabis users trust their doctor to provide them with reliable information about medical cannabis and how to use it to treat their medical or health conditions, according to a recent survey.


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