Do you trust your doctor about cannabis?

Barely a quarter of cannabis users trust their doctor to provide them with reliable information about medical cannabis and how to use it to treat their medical or health conditions, according to a recent survey.

Former Anti-Marijuana Congressman And Top Trump Health Official Joins Cannabis Company Board, Documents Show

Tom Price, a former congressman who repeatedly voted against marijuana reform has joined the board of directors of a medical marijuana business in Georgia. As health and human services secretary in the Trump administration, he was empowered to initiate proceedings to formally recognize cannabis’s medical value and reschedule it under federal law—a move he chose …

Ex-Lions star Calvin Johnson aims to change game with cannabis business

Megatron has entered the cannabis business, Calvin Johnson (known as Megatron during his playing days with the Detroit Lions) and former teammate Rob Sims have founded Michigan-based Primitiv, a cannabis research company as well as a collaboration with Harvard University to research how marijuana can help people with CTE and chronic pain.


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