Smokin’ Hot Valentine’s Day: Gift Ideas to Delight Your Special Cannabis Connoisseur. Sensational Gifts that Will Impress Your Stoner Valentine

Are you in search of a remarkable Valentine’s Day gift that will leave a lasting impression on the cannabis enthusiast in your life? Whether you’re spoiling your partner, treating your friends, or embracing a moment of self-indulgence—which is highly encouraged—our Valentine’s Day gift guide features distinctive weed-themed gifts that exude elegance, surprise, and even cutting-edge …

Cannabis? Weed? Marijuana? Why what we call it matters

Cannabis has more names than any other illicit substance, recreational drug or medicinal plant. Maybe more than all of them put together. Some are botanical (“cannabis sativa”), some steeped in history and discrimination (“marijuana”) and others just good for a giggle (“the devil’s lettuce”). Most are recognizable and get the point across – which is …


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