Why You Need to Visit Denver’s International Church of Cannabis

Going to church is probably not what you had in mind when you planned your cannabis-fueled trip to Denver, but it’s an immersive experience you won’t forget! The Denver International Church of Cannabis is considered a religious institution, but its approach to living out its faith is truly unique. Housed in a former Lutheran Church, …

A cannabis consumer’s dream: Free marijuana for 1 year up for grabs at Michigan dispensary

Skymint, an Ann Arbor-based dispensary, is offering the chance to win free cannabis for a year through a sweepstakes competition that began Monday, Jan. 16, and runs through Monday, Jan. 30. Those interested can fill out an entry form on the dispensary’s website, follow the brand on Instagram or use the code “FREEWEED” on any …

High and dry: What causes cannabis cottonmouth and how do you treat it?

One bad thing about partaking in weed is the unwelcome sensation of feeling like you’ve swallowed a bunch of cotton balls. Cottonmouth, or having a mouth and throat as dry as the Sahara Desert after consuming cannabis, is one of the odder side effects of weed. When it strikes, all bets are off—you may find yourself …

Study: 1 in 4 adults with chronic pain turning to cannabis

More than a quarter of U.S. adults suffering from chronic pain have turned to using cannabis to manage their discomfort, according to a new study published in JAMA Open Network. https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/3802887-study-1-in-4-adults-with-chronic-pain-turning-to-cannabis/

Is sex better when you’re high?

Does cannabis lead to better sex? For many consumers, the answer is an enthusiastic yes. Heightened sensations, a relaxed mind, and more intense orgasms are just a few of the reasons that millions of users turn to cannabis when it’s time to get between the sheets. But does the science back this up?  https://cannigma.com/physiology/cannabis-and-sexual-function/?utm_source=The%20Cannigma%20B2B&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Newsletter%2001.12.2022%20%2801GK5JJRZ0H7KBY4GGW4T2MQGQ%29&_kx=8G3OumshLvEfThcp28ReRczuzrPAIU-MWOpNcx5ueGO9Kp14cLaD_i0UpkDn7gGP.J8JtEm

How to make cannabis coffee

Coffee and cannabis go great together because they are both packed with flavor and contain their own natural stimulants. There isn’t a tremendous body of research on how cannabis and caffeine interact, but there is evidence to indicate that caffeine could temper the memory loss effects of cannabis – or just make it worse. Also, a 2018 study performed …


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