States That Legalize Marijuana See Reduced Tobacco Use, Study Finds

While some public health experts have expressed concerns that the legalization of marijuana could fuel a rise in the use of tobacco products, a new study instead concludes that state-level cannabis reforms are mostly associated with “small, occasionally significant longer-run declines in adult tobacco use.”

Learn more about how to travel with cannabis, tips for transporting cannabis products, and the legalities of doing so…

Cannabis can reduce your travel stress and enhance your experiences on vacations. Even though it has a lot of travel benefits, many people don’t travel with cannabis specifically because they don’t know if they can or how to. Read on to learn more about the benefits of traveling with cannabis, tips for transporting cannabis products, and the legality of …

‘Am I using too much weed?’ Ask yourself these questions.

How much is too much weed? Experts say if you’re asking yourself whether you’re using too much marijuana, there’s probably a reason. Maybe a friend or family member said something. Or you’re spending more money on weed than you used to.

What is 420? The meaning behind the day and how it started

Had a great time celebrating 4/20 yesterday? Sure you did. Probably still recovering. But, do you know the significance of this annual golbal event? How it started? Where and how it started? Who were the people behind it? Here’s everything you need to know about 4/20 


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