Growing Ganja in Jamaica

Ganja in Jamaica is more than just the cannabis plant; it’s a culture, a way of life, and an expression of people from varying cultural backgrounds who ended up on the Caribbean Island via the plantation model. The British monarchy was responsible for the cultural clash that saw enslaved Africans and indentured laborers co-mingling and …

Get discounts on your dispensary purchases in Jamaica

GanjaVacations is proud to announce a new partnership with JACANA one of Jamaica’s leading cannabis companies with dispensaries in Ocho Rios, Kingston and Portmore. JACANA is a pioneering global, plant to patient, medical cannabis company, harnessing the power of nature to transform lives and dedicated to producing the world’s finest and most natural cannabis products. …

Realize your ganja vacation fantasy

Advice on how and where to achieve the weed vacation we know you have fantasized about. And not just anywhere, but in Jamaica. The home for ganja!

Jamaican hotelier offers Sha’carri Richardson one-week vacation

Sha’Carri’s ganja vacation? Delroy Allen the owner and managing director of Takuma Boutique Hotel in Mt. Zion, Montego Bay, a GanjaVacations resort partner, is extending a complimentary one-week, all-inclusive vacation to US sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson. It’s a respite that, he hopes, will put her “on a track for spiritual and emotional renewal.” Well! Will she, …

How Do You Win a Free Jamaican Ganja Vacation with All the Weed You Want?

GanjaVacations in the news. Despite the headline which heralds our currently WIN a FREE Ganja Vacation in Jamaica promotion, this artice really an interview about who we are, what we do and our unique approach to cannabis tourism. Who knows, you may be motivated to start thinking about a ganja vacation.

Jamaica’s Bob Marley Museum Will Soon Sell Cannabis

The Bob Marley Museum, in Kingston will soon start selling weed. How cool is that. The reggae man is probably smiling in his grave. The Marley family and Docklight Brands will open a Marley Natural-branded dispensary at the museum which was Bob Marley’s home and recording studio.


Thinking about a ganja vacation in Jamaica but worried about getting covid while there? Will having additional insurance make you more likely to get on a plane? The Jamaican Tourism Board hopes so. To wit, the government has introduced an insurance program to cover emergency medical services for visitors stricken with COVID-19 and other illnesses. The …

Is weed legal in Jamaica

Is weed legal in Jamaica? Inquiring minds want to know. You’ll find answers to this question plus a profile of one of the newer resorts on our portal as well as an attractive ganja vacation deal – all in our September newsletter. And yes, Madonna’s photo is not false advertising; she was photographed smoking weed …


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