Spoil Yourself With These Seven Strains for Self-Care

Each strain of cannabis has the potential to help certain issues such as chronic pain, depression, or anxiety. Additionally, while some can be energizing, others are relaxing. Cannabis’ ability to treat a wide range of symptoms is in part due to each strain’s distinct set of compounds. A particular strain’s natural assortment of compounds, including cannabinoids, terpenes and …

Working out high: Is cannabis good for exercise?

It’s a lovely morning somewhere in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina, and Jon Kennedy has one last step before he starts his trail run — he takes a single hit of high-THC cannabis, checks his running shoes, and he’s off. https://cannigma.com/cannabis-news/working-out-high-is-cannabis-good-for-exercise/?utm_source=The%20Cannigma%20B2B&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Newsletter%20-%2015.11.23%20%2801HF8WS4CKM696RTEYFSZ9EFDB%29&_kx=8G3OumshLvEfThcp28ReRczuzrPAIU-MWOpNcx5ueGO9Kp14cLaD_i0UpkDn7gGP.J8JtEm

Cannabis Use, Pregnancy, and Breastfeeding

It’s no secret that cannabis is widely utilized for its medicinal properties. Today, people across the country use cannabis to treat a range of conditions. Despite this, there are still questions about the long-term effects of medicinal cannabis use on certain demographics, specifically by mothers. People question whether a mother’s cannabis consumption affects breast milk, the …

Ganja Yoga

There are many ways to incorporate cannabis into health and wellness; ganja yoga may be one of the most synergetic trends to hit the industry so far. Combining cannabis and yoga is nothing new. Practicing ganja yoga not only affects spirituality, but the physical body too. Today, more and more people are choosing to include …

How cannabis affects women and men differently

The cannabis experience is significantly influenced by mindset (intention/expectation) and setting (environments of consumption and post drug onset). One’s male or female biological sex can also affect the mind and body reaction to cannabis, alongside and in concert with a number of other factors, including an individual’s endocannabinoid system and the cannabis chemovar(s) being used.  Biological sex-associated differences …

Women are turning to cannabis to manage menopause symptoms. Does it help?

Menopause is having a moment. Gone are the days of suffering in silence — today’s menopausal women can choose from wellness retreats, celebrity-backed supplements and hot flash pajamas that all promise to ease the hormonal transition. But if recent studies are any indication, the buzziest trend in menopausal wellness is weed. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/women-turning-to-cannabis-to-manage-menopause-symptoms-195307347.html


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