Beat the heat at these weed-friendly travel destinations

Planet Earth is clocking our hottest summer ever. Italian tourists are battling extreme temperatures, and once coveted summer destinations are getting too hot to handle. While this is disappointing for the family dragging through Disneyworld dripping in sweat, it could be a boon for tourist destinations where it’s cool for the summer. These cannabis-friendly travel destinations also have August temperatures averaging …

Learn more about how to travel with cannabis, tips for transporting cannabis products, and the legalities of doing so…

Cannabis can reduce your travel stress and enhance your experiences on vacations. Even though it has a lot of travel benefits, many people don’t travel with cannabis specifically because they don’t know if they can or how to. Read on to learn more about the benefits of traveling with cannabis, tips for transporting cannabis products, and the legality of …

First Cannabis-Friendly Hotel Opens in Las Vegas

What is being billed as the “first cannabis-friendly hotel in Las Vegas has opened. The Lexi Las Vegas, located in the former, Artisan Hotel Boutique property has reimagined its guest experience. The hotel opened on June 2 and introduced cannabis-friendly hospitality with a designated floor for “420-friendly” rooms.  

7 Cannabis-friendly North American travel destinations

These seven North American cannabis-friendly travel destinations not only offer island getaways, tons of hiking trails, or a city’s worth of fun–they also have legal cannabis. Just be sure to check where it is legal to smoke cannabis in public before lighting up.

A weed tourist’s guide to New York City

Want help to elevate your next visit to the Big Apple? Weedmaps compiled a tourist’s guide to weed in New York. You can read about the current laws, find myriad places you can purchase weed and where you can safely consume it, and see what you should do once you’re nice and stoned.

Why You Need to Visit Denver’s International Church of Cannabis

Going to church is probably not what you had in mind when you planned your cannabis-fueled trip to Denver, but it’s an immersive experience you won’t forget! The Denver International Church of Cannabis is considered a religious institution, but its approach to living out its faith is truly unique. Housed in a former Lutheran Church, …


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