How to make cannabis oil for cooking and edibles

Cannabis edibles have exploded in popularity in recent years, due to the powerful, full-body sensation they produce, and the fact that they can be consumed easily and discreetly, without any need to smoke anything. When making your own cannabis edibles at home, having your own infused cannabis oil on hand makes every edible recipe a cinch.

First cannabis store with a bar and a bakery under the same roof opens in Illinois

OKAY Cannabis, the first store in Illinois to combine marijuana and alcohol sales opened recently in Wheeling, with its owners hoping to make it a place for customers to hang out and relax. It is unlike any other business in the state, hosting licensed cannabis sales under the same roof with West Town Bakery, which …

Pot Chef Derek Upton

“Food is a second language to me,” begins Derek Upton when asked about how he got his start. “I’m Portuguese-Italian, so I’ve been cooking my whole life.” The acclaimed Phoenix-based cannabis chef spent the first half of his career as a touring professional drummer before making the leap into the kitchen full-time a decade ago. But …

How to make cannabis coffee

Coffee and cannabis go great together because they are both packed with flavor and contain their own natural stimulants. There isn’t a tremendous body of research on how cannabis and caffeine interact, but there is evidence to indicate that caffeine could temper the memory loss effects of cannabis – or just make it worse. Also, a 2018 study performed …

We ate a $295 weed-infused dinner. Things got really wild

How’d you like a $295-per-person, 10-course, fine-dining, weed-infused dinner? You can do this at Chris “the Herbal Chef” Sayegh’s members-only Secret Supper Club. Here’s a story from a couple of people who did although, for obvious reasons, they cannot recall the whole evening with clarity.


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