How One Weed Company Is Skirting Marijuana Rules to Sell THC Products in All 50 States

Heard of Urb Rocks? It’s a THC-infused flavor-popping crystal candy made by a Wisconsin company. Like most other THC products, it will get you high. Unlike other products, though, the THC in Urb Rocks is sourced from hemp, which means it’s technically legal for sale in most states.

Canadian soldier faces jail over feeding cannabis cupcakes to troops

Do not feed cannabis cupcakes to your brothers in arms. Especially during a live firearms exercise! A Canadian soldier who did this could now be sentenced to five years in prison. She has been found guilty of administering “a noxious thing” to eight soldiers, as well as behaving in a disgraceful manner.

How to Make Cannabis-Infused Cheese Stuffed Garlic Bread

Want to try something new for dinner tonight? How about cannabis infused, cheese stuffed garlic bread. It’s super easy to make. With two kinds of cheese, herbs and tons of garlic, this is a recipe you’re going to want to make over and over again.

Chocolate Kush Rocky Road Ice Cream for July 4th

Looking forward to a fantastic holiday weekend? This recipe for chocolate kush rocky road ice cream is likely to make your July 4th even more fantastic. Among other things, it promises to help you relax and cool off from the summer’s heat.


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