What If You No Longer Find Joy in Smoking Weed? – Understanding the Seasons in One’s Life

As human beings, we are constantly evolving and growing, our perspectives and preferences shifting like the seasons. What we once adored with a burning passion can become a source of cringe-worthy embarrassment just a few years down the line. The “man bun” or “top knot” hairstyle that seemed so effortlessly cool in our 20s might …

The End of Big Alcohol Is Coming?

A recent analysis by TD Cowen’s analyst, Vivien Azer, sheds light on a shift in consumer behavior, highlighting the competition between legal cannabis and alcohol sales. Over the past five years, alcohol sales in states where cannabis is legal have lagged behind by 100-150 basis points, according to Azer. https://theartofmaryjanemedia.com/the-end-of-big-alcohol-is-coming/

How to Make One Gram of Oil Last 8 Lit Days

It’s that time of year again, which is to say, roughly the same time as last year — but never exactly the same time — because it’s Hanukkah… right? Yes! As a genuine Jewish person with access to a lunar calendar, I can assure you that tonight is indeed the first night of the “festival of lights.” https://cannabisnow.com/make-one-gram-oil-last-8-lit-days/


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