We ate a $295 weed-infused dinner. Things got really wild

How’d you like a $295-per-person, 10-course, fine-dining, weed-infused dinner? You can do this at Chris “the Herbal Chef” Sayegh’s members-only Secret Supper Club. Here’s a story from a couple of people who did although, for obvious reasons, they cannot recall the whole evening with clarity. https://www.latimes.com/lifestyle/story/2022-07-06/we-ate-295-cannabis-infused-dinner-this-is-what-happened

Where is weed legal around the world? Countries where cannabis is legal or decriminalized

The summer travel season is about to take off. And, if you are a weed lover, contemplating vacation, wouldn’t be nice to have a sense of the countries where cannabis is legal or decriminalized. Greenstate has summarized this for you. There’s a good chance you and a canna-loving friend will be able to find some …

The Cannabis Supper Club Elevates Weed-Infused Fine Dining

There is an ever increasing abundance of very sophisticated cannabis experiences for weed lovers with great taste and fat wallets. One example is this LA Cannabis Supper Club where you can enjoy seven decadent courses of mind-blowing culinary creations infused with weed while also sipping smoke out of a champagne glass.

Best weed strains for sex

Many cannabis consumers believe that weed improves their sexual experience. But, does it really? And, if it does, with so many options, how can you find the best weed strains for good sex? https://cannigma.com/strain/best-weed-strains-for-sex/

How cannabis legalization is changing the workplace

As the country’s support for marijuana legalization grows, some employers are now looking at the once-taboo subject of weed and work differently. https://www.nbcnews.com/now/video/how-cannabis-legalization-is-changing-the-workplace-122956357781


Cannabis myths are not exclusive to weed know-nothings. There are also avid potheads who spout all kinds of nonsense. Here are the top 5 cannabis myths debunked. https://cannabislifenetwork.com/top-five-cannabis-myths-debunked/

NBA’s Kevin Durant and Weedmaps Team Up Against Cannabis Stigma

NBA all-star Kevin Durant and Weedmaps have announced a new partnership will make the basketball star and online cannabis marketplace teammates in a campaign to address the ongoing stigma against cannabis. Under the multiyear agreement, Durant and his financial enterprise Thirty Five Ventures will work to break down the negative stereotypes associated with cannabis while …


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