Sisters of the Valley: The ‘weed nuns’ trying to heal the world through cannabis

Out near California’s Yosemite National Park, a group of nuns is growing, harvesting and producing their own line of cannabis products. Known as the Sisters of the Valley, the women are not associated with any traditional religion. Rather, they see themselves as feminist healers. But through their cannabis ventures, the collective is known to go by another name: …

The cannabis industry has had its struggles, but for casual users and loyal customers alike, the culture remains vital and even surprising. From new ways to smoke (laser bongs, portable hitters) to places to actually gather and consume with others (legally), to online shopping destinations to books to businesses giving back, there’s lots to celebrate. …

Should I Buy From My Dealer or My Dispensary?

Your dealer is not licensed and is, instead, a participant in the illicit market, aka the unregulated market, black market, gray market, legacy market, or the free market. And even if cannabis is legal in your state, it is only legal to buy it from licensed operators.

Can this San Francisco company’s ‘dad weed’ get you high?

Jamie Feaster might be the only pot dealer in California who doesn’t mind if you call his cannabis “dad weed,” a word usually reserved for weak pot that California hasn’t seen since the 1990s. But for Feaster, the founder of San Francisco’s Country Cannabis, selling weak weed is basically his goal.

Why Cannabis Users Have Better Orgasms & Overall Sexual Function, According To Study

Researchers from the University of Almeria were inspired to tackle the controversy swirling around numerous previous studies that looked at the impact of cannabis and alcohol on sexual functioning, which disclosed both positive and negative effects. And so, Spanish researchers created a new observational study that concluded: “Sexual function in young people who use cannabis and alcohol more frequently was shown …


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