Higher Education: What It Takes To Be A Cannabis Sommelier

Wanna become a ganjier? It’s a real thing. The cannabis equivalent of a sommelier. The marijuana business is booming, but not all cannabis is created equal. In this video, NBC’s Savanah Sellers meets budding experts to learn what it takes to be a certified ganjier. 

Dwyane Wade Announces Limited-Edition Cannabis Line With Jeeter

The 13-time All-Star and 3-time NBA Champion basketball player Dwyane Wade has announced a limited-edition cannabis line with the California weed brand Jeeter. The drop includes 3 exclusive strains and is available in a unique book format that echoes the recent release of Wade’s photographic memoir, Dwyane. Each preroll pack will also come with a copy of the memoir. https://www.forbes.com/sites/lindseybartlett/2021/12/15/dwyane-wade-announces-limited-edition-cannabis-line-with-jeeter/

How One Weed Company Is Skirting Marijuana Rules to Sell THC Products in All 50 States

Heard of Urb Rocks? It’s a THC-infused flavor-popping crystal candy made by a Wisconsin company. Like most other THC products, it will get you high. Unlike other products, though, the THC in Urb Rocks is sourced from hemp, which means it’s technically legal for sale in most states.  https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/delta-9-delta-8-thc-marijuana-hemp-1231832/

Germany Seeks To Decriminalize Minimum Possession Of Cannabis And Import Jamaican Bud

The German government is in favor of decriminalizing possession of up to six grams of cannabis throughout the country. However, the more interesting news coming out of the country is that Jamaican cannabis will soon be available in pharmacies in Germany. Although recognized around the world, it is rare to find Jamaica buds outside of …

Black Entrepreneurs in Cannabis Industry Push for a Piece of the Profits

Black people comprise only a small percentage of those profiting from the burgeoning legalized pot market, according to state data. Public initiatives and private funds, like one started by Jay-Z, aim to boost minority participation. https://www.wsj.com/video/series/in-depth-features/black-entrepreneurs-in-cannabis-industry-push-for-a-piece-of-the-profits/D36458C9-EF9B-43E7-8441-52175B2DE271

Former Anti-Marijuana Congressman And Top Trump Health Official Joins Cannabis Company Board, Documents Show

Tom Price, a former congressman who repeatedly voted against marijuana reform has joined the board of directors of a medical marijuana business in Georgia. As health and human services secretary in the Trump administration, he was empowered to initiate proceedings to formally recognize cannabis’s medical value and reschedule it under federal law—a move he chose …


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