The cannabis industry is booming, but for many Black Americans the price of entry is steep

Cannabis is booming. US sales topped $18bn last year and the industry currently accounts for 321,000 full-time jobs across 37 states. Cannabis is also creating jobs faster than any other industry in the US. But for many Black Americans – who are close to four times as likely to be arrested for cannabis charges as white people …

Black Entrepreneurs in Cannabis Industry Push for a Piece of the Profits

Black people comprise only a small percentage of those profiting from the burgeoning legalized pot market, according to state data. Public initiatives and private funds, like one started by Jay-Z, aim to boost minority participation.

For some Black women, cannabis use is a ‘radical act’ of self-care

Many Black women characterize cannabis as a cornerstone of their self-care, particularly in the last year, when daily stressors were exacerbated by both the Covid-19 pandemic, which disproportionately impacted Black Americans, and high-profile incidents of police killings of Black people.

Meet the Women Bringing Weed to the Deep South

Blounts & Moore, the GRITS (Girls Raised in the South) bringing weed to the deep South. They see a burgeoning cannabis industry as a way to bring generational wealth to African American communities.


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