Affordable vacation packages – exclusively for budtenders

Are you a budtender? Wouldn’t it be great to spend a few days, away from the dispensary, hanging out in Jamaica with other knowledgeable weed heads like yourself? Having fun, talking shop, getting introduced to some righteous native strains and, learning about Jamaican culture. We can make this happen! How? By working with you to create a ganja vacation experience in Jamaica that is custom designed for you and your weed besties. It is guaranteed to be the funnest, highest, and most memorable experience of your wonderful life. Better than anything you’ve ever dreamed about. And you really don’t have to do very much to make it happen.


Budtender exclusives you can afford

The price of our budtender exclusives vary according to the features and activities included but can start as low as $500 per person, excluding airfare. It all depends on what you want and how active you wish to be. It’s cool if you just want to hang by the beach or the pool with a spliff and a Red Stripe but we can also include farm tours, dispensary visits and other activities for those you want to do more.



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