Relax and smoke at Jamaican ganja resorts

Tourists have been buying weed in Jamaica for forever. You’ll find people peddling ganja just about everywhere – at the airport, your hotel and on the beach, to name a few common places. But, with recent changes in Jamaica law, there is no longer a need for any tourist to engage with these black market vendors and their low quality stuff since you can now legally purchase high quality product in the chic ambiance of a local herb house and smoke there or in the relaxed comfort of your ganja-friendly hotel. Some of these Jamaican ganja resorts can also provide you with legal weed and can arrange for weed related tours and activities. 

How do you find a ganja resort?

But how do you find a ganja resort in Jamaica? A hotel that will allow you to consume weed openly, freely and without fear or unreasonable restrictions. Are there such resorts on the island? Where do you find them? How do you know what they permit and what they don’t? Identifying these kinds of properties and making them known to cannabis enthusiasts is an important part of our mission here at GanjaVacations.

All our hotels are ganja-friendly

Our plan is to feature ganja resorts in all regions of Jamaica – in the popular tourist areas; quaint, lesser known regions; and, even in remote, off-the-beaten path, rural locations. We also know that the opportunity to experience a few days in Jamaica’s prime ganja growing regions will have special appeal to some weed enthusiasts. But what is a Jamaican ganja resort? In general, all the resorts we feature meet most of the following criteria:

  • They enthusiastically embrace, advocate and promote ganja
  • Ganja and ganja-related products are easily acquired. If not available on the property, guests are able to purchase from nearby herb houses or farmers and the resort will, if necessary, provide information and help with transportation.
  • Some resorts have a license to dispense and/or to grow ganja
  • Guests can smoke ganja freely on the property. Some resorts may restrict smoking to certain areas. Jamaican law prohibits smoking in hotel rooms but the casual atmosphere at many small hotels results in erratic enforcement of this rule.
  • All of our ganja resorts offer a 420 Deal  – some that include a welcome package with ganja
  • Almost all offer ganja themed events and excursions such as farm tours, herb house visits. ganja themed culinary delights and Rastafarian experiences.

Jamaican ganja resorts at budget and luxury price points

We know that ganja tourists are sophisticated travelers with an expectation of comfortable, elegant, world-class accommodations and the freedom to relax and consume however they choose. So, although our objective is to feature ganja resorts from budget to luxury price points, we’ve not made any quality compromises in areas such as accommodations, customer service and security. In fact,some of the quaint, boutique hotels we feature deliver an astonishing Jamaican cultural experience in terms of the beauty of the property; its picturesque setting; intimate, personal service; and, exceptional culinary offerings.

Planning a ganja vacation in Jamaica?

Visit our 420 Deals page for a complete list of the ganja vacation packages currently offered by out resort partners. There is sure to be a deal with a combination of price, length of stay and features that meets your requirements. Don’t see exactly what you are looking for? Contact Us. We can customize a package just for you – whether you area single vacationer, couple or group. We are especially eager to work with cannabis enthusiasts looking for a rich ganja vacation experience than is tailored to their specific interests and needs.

Do you own a Jamaican ganja resort?

Are you the owner or manager of a Jamaican ganja-friendly boutique hotel with a desire to be featured on the GanjaVacations website? Please contact us! We are eager to have you on board. We also invite you to review information that we have developed for resorts like yours to understand our objectives, mission and strategy as well as the ways you will benefit by becoming one of our ganja resort partners.


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