A unique cannabis travel services company

GanjaVacations is a unique travel services company with a focus on exotic destinations. Our first exotic destination is Jamaica where we feature hundreds of ganja friendly lodgings, vacation packages, tours, and other experiences. As we’re sure you know, there’s no place on earth more associated with weed than Jamaica! And, our intention is to be a one-stop shop for any and everything related to cannabis vacation experiences on the island; the go-to place for reliable, useful, up-to-date information about weedcations. So, whether your cannabis vacation interests are recreational, medicinal, culinary, cultural or whatever, we will try to find it, describe it and, if possible, allow you to book it.  


Featuring cannabis friendly lodgings – Exclusively!

You found this website because you are probably already thinking about a ganja vacation. Perhaps, in Jamaica. Among your requirements for this vacation is the assurance of accommodations at a place that will allow you to consume freely and openly. These are the only properties we feature! Most are enthusiastically ganja friendly and some will supply you with all the weed you need. And because, these properties are catering to cannabis enthusiasts they are likely to also experiences such as tours and infused meals and be armed with information about where to find even more ganja related events and activities.  


Jamaica has many ganja friendly properties

Jamaica has many charming, small hotels at exotic locations with chic accommodations, great personal service and exciting culinary adventures. The privacy, intimacy, picturesque locations, and exquisite personal service afforded by these properties make them an ideal match for the discerning cannabis tourist. Also, compared to the large, well-known resorts, these boutique properties offer a very authentic Jamaican cultural experience. We feature accommodations at all price points and in all regions of the island – major resort towns, rustic seaside villages, high mountain districts; and, even in Kingston, Jamaica’s capital.  


Weed tours and other experiences too

We offer a wide range of weed tours that are popular with tourists already in Jamaica or arriving on a cruise ship. These tours are beng booked by weed lovers who are already on a great vacation but which may be missing something important. An authentic Jamaican ganja experience! Our tour partners will take you up in the hills to spend a quality hour or two with a Rasta man eager to share information about his strains and his methods while offering up a sample his product or to one of the more structured tours offered by Jacana, one of the larger cannabis companies in Jamaica . You can visit Bob Marley’s final resting place, take a sunset ganja cruise on a glass bottom boat or visit Orange Hill, one of Jamaica’s most famous ganja growing regions. We invite you to visit our Weed Tours section for complete information about these experiences.    


Eager to hear from you

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions about how we can improve this site to best prepare you for a cannabis vacation in Jamaica, please let us know. We currently feature fixed price vacation packages only – all of them created exclusively for us. But don’t be deterred if you don’t see a package that fits your requirements. We can customize all of our ganja vacation packages according to your own likes, needs and budget.    


Management Team

Here are a few of the fearless entrepreneurs involved in this pioneering portal for information about ganja vacations in Jamaica. We are currently focused on Jamaica, but our ambitions extend beyond its borders. As more island governments liberalize their cannabis laws, we expect to offer ganja vacation options throughout the Caribbean area. Stay tuned!