We ate a $295 weed-infused dinner. Things got really wild

How’d you like a $295-per-person, 10-course, fine-dining, weed-infused dinner? You can do this at Chris “the Herbal Chef” Sayegh’s members-only Secret Supper Club. Here’s a story from a couple of people who did although, for obvious reasons, they cannot recall the whole evening with clarity. https://www.latimes.com/lifestyle/story/2022-07-06/we-ate-295-cannabis-infused-dinner-this-is-what-happened

Where is weed legal around the world? Countries where cannabis is legal or decriminalized

The summer travel season is about to take off. And, if you are a weed lover, contemplating vacation, wouldn’t be nice to have a sense of the countries where cannabis is legal or decriminalized. Greenstate has summarized this for you. There’s a good chance you and a canna-loving friend will be able to find some …


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