Higher Education: What It Takes To Be A Cannabis Sommelier

Wanna become a ganjier? It’s a real thing. The cannabis equivalent of a sommelier. The marijuana business is booming, but not all cannabis is created equal. In this video, NBC’s Savanah Sellers meets budding experts to learn what it takes to be a certified ganjier. 

How cannabis-fed chickens may help cut Thai farmers’ antibiotic use

The medicinal and cooking benefits of cannabis have long been recognized in Thailand. Local cooks use cannabis leaves as a food additive and as an ingredient in chicken noodle soup. Now they are feeding it to chickens. Yes, you can buy infused chickens at the supermarket! https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jun/15/cannabis-fed-chickens-may-help-cut-farmers-antibiotic-use-thai-study-shows

The Cannabis Supper Club Elevates Weed-Infused Fine Dining

There is an ever increasing abundance of very sophisticated cannabis experiences for weed lovers with great taste and fat wallets. One example is this LA Cannabis Supper Club where you can enjoy seven decadent courses of mind-blowing culinary creations infused with weed while also sipping smoke out of a champagne glass.

This Colorado town might change its name to ‘Kush’ to celebrate its growing cannabis industry

Cannabis has been so good to this very small Colorado town (about 120 residents) that it’s considering changing its name to Kush. Grateful citizens eager to identify with the plant that is bringing them prosperity. True, this is a tiny town but it is indicative of the dramatic ways in which attitudes towards weed are …


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