Cannabis & Erectile Dysfunction: What’s The Relationship?

Beware guys. All that weed you’re smoking may be having having effects that we know you don’t want. According to a new study, the incidence of erectile dysfunction is twice as prevalent in men who smoke cannabis compared to those who don’t.

Cannabis Tea: Benign Beverage of Nowadays

Drinking tea first thing in the morning is popular in many countries. How about cannabis tea? A type of tea that seems to be gaining popularity. People who love it say that it relaxes and comes without the loads of sugar and fat that usually come with eating edibles.

Best weed strains for sex

Many cannabis consumers believe that weed improves their sexual experience. But, does it really? And, if it does, with so many options, how can you find the best weed strains for good sex?

Adult-Use Cannabis: The U.S.’s Fifth Most Valuable Crop

With a value of $6.2 billion in 2020, the wholesale harvest value of adult-use cannabis is now America’s fifth most valuable crop, trailing only corn ($61 billion), soybeans ($46 billion), hay ($17.3 billion), and wheat ($9.3 billion), according to Leafly’s first-ever “Cannabis Harvest Report 2021.” And that’s not the half of it. The $6.2 billion in …


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