Want a Higher Quality of Life? Use Cannabis Daily Says a New Brazilian Mental Health Survey

It turns out that habitual cannabis scored far higher on a quality of life assessment than non-users in a recent study. The study came from Brazil where they conducted a cross-sectional study with 7405 participants. 89% of them claimed to be cannabis users where 11% were non-users. https://cannabis.net/blog/opinion/want-a-higher-quality-of-life-use-cannabis-daily-says-a-new-brazilian-mental-health-survey

So, How Much Weed Does Snoop Really Smoke On The Daily?

Practically the entire world knows that Snoop Dogg smokes tons of weed. But have you ever wondered how much he smokes in a day? According to the man himself, he smokes a whopping 81 blunts a day, 7 days per week. If that is true, then ganja must indeed be safe. https://herb.co/news/culture/weed-snoop/

Dwyane Wade Announces Limited-Edition Cannabis Line With Jeeter

The 13-time All-Star and 3-time NBA Champion basketball player Dwyane Wade has announced a limited-edition cannabis line with the California weed brand Jeeter. The drop includes 3 exclusive strains and is available in a unique book format that echoes the recent release of Wade’s photographic memoir, Dwyane. Each preroll pack will also come with a copy of the memoir. https://www.forbes.com/sites/lindseybartlett/2021/12/15/dwyane-wade-announces-limited-edition-cannabis-line-with-jeeter/

Malta Set To Become First Country In Europe To Legalize Marijuana This Week

Malta is set to become the first country in Europe to legalize marijuana. This very small country in the Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast with its history, culture and beaches is a great tourist destination. The legislation would allow adults 18 and older to possess up to seven grams of cannabis and …

10 Cannabis Drinks You Must Try

Many people smoke marijuana; others prefer to vape it and there are some who eat it. And now you also can drink it! Here’s a rundown of cannabis drinks on the market. https://herb.co/learn/10-cannabis-drinks-you-must-try/  


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