Former NBA star Chris Webber opening $175M cannabis ‘compound’ in Detroit

Former NBA super star Chris Webber has announced that he’s opening a multimillion-dollar cannabis “compound” in his native city of Detroit. What’s this with sports stars and cannabis? And NBA athletes, in particular.

How One Weed Company Is Skirting Marijuana Rules to Sell THC Products in All 50 States

Heard of Urb Rocks? It’s a THC-infused flavor-popping crystal candy made by a Wisconsin company. Like most other THC products, it will get you high. Unlike other products, though, the THC in Urb Rocks is sourced from hemp, which means it’s technically legal for sale in most states.


Cannabis myths are not exclusive to weed know-nothings. There are also avid potheads who spout all kinds of nonsense. Here are the top 5 cannabis myths debunked.

Amazon workers fired for cannabis use can reapply for jobs

Amazon seems to be getting more and more engaged with cannabis and especially with issues related to fairness and, in particular, with respect to its own actions and employees.

Realize your ganja vacation fantasy

Advice on how and where to achieve the weed vacation we know you have fantasized about. And not just anywhere, but in Jamaica. The home for ganja!

Italy will likely hold a referendum on decriminalizing cannabis next year

People vacation in Italy for lots of different reasons. Many people go for the historic sites in cities like Rome and Florence; some go for the food; you may have other interests. Italy is planning a referendum to decriminalize marijuana next year giving potheads a whole new set of reasons for an Italian vacation.

10 Countries Where You Wouldn’t Want To Get Caught With Weed

Attitudes towards marijuana have been changing in America and around the world. So have public opinion and drug laws. But not everywhere. And there remains several countries where change is not going to happen any time soon.

The cannabis industry is booming, but for many Black Americans the price of entry is steep

Cannabis is booming. US sales topped $18bn last year and the industry currently accounts for 321,000 full-time jobs across 37 states. Cannabis is also creating jobs faster than any other industry in the US. But for many Black Americans – who are close to four times as likely to be arrested for cannabis charges as white people …


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