Hedonism Resort In Jamaica Permits On-Site Weed Purchases, Smoking In The Nude

Hedoweedo? This is a new high-end, on-site medical dispensary in Jamaica’s famous (infamous?), clothing-optional resort. Hedonism II.  Yes, you can puff in the nude by the pool while also sucking on a Red Stripe. Ready to book your reservation? By the way, You don’t even have to be a guest at the resort to patronize …

These states are voting on cannabis legalization this November

33 states have legalized medical cannabis, 11 of which have also legalized cannabis for adult recreational use. This November, five states have new medical or recreational cannabis laws on the ballot. Both in the case of one state. Do you live in one of these states?https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/12/business/cannabis-ballot-2020-election/index.html


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